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Saw this on eBay a couple of weeks ago. A business seller back in the UK who I know personally was offering it at a ridiculously cheap price because the box was worn. Even with the postage out here to Middle Earth it was a steal, so after decision making process that could be measured in nano-seconds, I snapped his hand off.

It arrived on Tuesday and I started it on Wednesday afternoon. Two sessions in and I'm well into the engine, transmission and mounting sub-assembly. Lots of pre-painting with AK 'Xtreme Metals' (outstanding enamel lacquers, highly recommended) - absolutely loving this already, incredible engineering by Tamiya. Stay tuned folks this is simply flying together at the moment.



block start a.jpg

block start b.jpg

block start c.jpg

block start d.jpg

block start e.jpg


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Somewhat unexpectedly, managed to grab some bench time this afternoon and made some progress.

So just the direct drive shafts & axles from the gearbox to finish painting and attaching and that is it for the whole powerplant & transmission sub-assemblies done, and I can move on to the front radiator & steering 'bits'. I also mixed-up and sprayed some 'olive black' on the interior sections, chassis plate & firewall etc, so it's all good to go.


More next week hopefully. 






block done 1a.jpg

block done 1b.jpg

block done 2a.jpg

block done 2b.jpg

block done 3.jpg

block done 4.jpg

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Finally got around to applying a couple of coats of Tamiya white on the body...







As usual instead of drying full glossy white, it's dried somewhere between gloss and satin - no matter I've rubbed it back with a 3200 Micro polishing sheet so it's smooth like a mirror now and ready for decalling at the weekend. Hey remember all that beautiful detail on the block and transmission...




This is all you can see now !! - more after next weekend - we have a show here and I'm taking the Porsche with me to do a decalling presentation.





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