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Fujimi Toyota TE27 Levin


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Needed a break from the Countach build  and this turned up in the post.  A nice simple set, good quality as always from Fujimi.  Deepened the panel lines and sanded the body with 1000 grit ready for primer.


Halfords filler primer


Halfords Ford Sunburst Red rattle can for the topcoat.  Managed to get a mild day to spray outside.  Just needs some fine sanding to even out the paint and then onto clearcoat next week.


Bit of detail painting, the front grill silver was a challenge


Choice of wheels, left ones come with the kit, the right are the same size off a Mitsubishi EVO 5.IMG_20171206_145339664.thumb.jpg.d6d2e2465a0ee0af5bbd937d6cdc3616.jpg

Started a bit of detailing on the underside



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6 hours ago, skid896 said:

good quality as always from Fujimi

Always? :D
Just a few examples:
Subaru hawkeye:(the blobeye is worse)

all of evo (bad rate?/i dont know this is the correct word for that/,thick pillars,inaccurate windshield,small wheels...)
and one of my "favorite"
BMW E30 M3:


but of course they have good kits too

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6 hours ago, skid896 said:

good quality as always from Fujimi. 

I have to say the build ive done from Fujimi so far, was pretty dissapointing quality wise (BMW E30 M325i kit), but ive got 2 Ferrari Fujimi kits waiting, so im giving them another shot, but overall im not that great on Fujimi, but like i said i havent written them off yet! maybe i shud get this kit aswell then in the future to see what Fujimi really has in store.. :) looking forward to this build!

About the wheels; i'd go for the Enkei RPF01 lookalike wheels :) 

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Thanks for the input guys.  So tonight I masked around the windows and put on the black.  When I peeled off the masking tape the paint had bled.  So I now have to sand the paint on the body back and respray.  I have deepened the panel lines and will use the diluted tamiya panel line paint to fill these before spraying again.


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Oh my GOD!  I had four Toyota Corolla coupes at one time in Taiwan years ranging from 1971 to 1974 and I simply loved them. They were all 1166 cc.. Picked the best of the lot and restored it. Never knew there was a kit.  Immediately bought two on ebay and one on Amazon.

I'll be watching your build closely.

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Ricky no left hand drive option on this kit.  The dashboard appears to be symmetrical so if you have the talent to reproduce the insert with the dials and glove box you could swap it to left hand drive.  I don't have that kind of talent for scratch building.  Anybody got any tips on window edging.  I have tried paintbrush, paint pens, deeper panel lines seems to be the only way I can put in a separation to neaten it.  Only problem is that I the panel lines end up looking rough.  I use a scriber or scalpel turned upside down to deepen and widen the lines.  I did look at the foil but I struggled to cut it neatly.


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Yes Erik the flares are molded in which makes life easier, it wasn't easy fitting the ones on the Countach I have on the bench. 

So finished up sanding back the Corolla and colouring the panel lines ready for primer again.  I will go over the panel lines again once primed.  I just got some black chrome bare metal foil.  Might try using it for the window edging, front and rear but I have deepened the panel lines enough that I can brush paint if I am careful.


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Been doing research for a build inspired by yours and thought you might find what I've found useful.  Note dash was simulated wood on flat face.  Also note there was polished stainless trim at bottom of side windows that kit doesn't show but really improves the look.  Also not the dash gauges had peaked cone shaped lenses.  Many different wheel treatments in the videos.  Look at fifth one down first.








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Raymond, thank you for the links, some awesome stuff there.  So I ended up having to wet and dry the body back to remove the paint.  I have now primed it again but I am not convinced the topcoat will go on without issues.  Luckily I bought two of these kits so if I have to I can use the new body and start over.

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I just finished doing the dash decals on my Levin. I'm pretty rusty and it was quite a struggle. If I was to do it over, I would drill out the gauge holes and put the decals in from the back.

Otherwise, trim the decals to the small side. Orient them properly before you slide them home. Once in their bores, the decals didn't want to move around for me.

My dash is barely presentable. Take your time and plan ahead.

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