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I'm working on 2 VW beetles. Both are hover cars. They'll be completely different from each other. I stopped working on the first one because I'm really excited about this one. IMG_6699.thumb.JPG.950cdfd16d0dd47a2bade7a9688e9860.JPG

I cut the bug in half down the middle. Then sanded off more than 1/3. IMG_6703.thumb.JPG.34e3051d3557d67d5f37dd5d1ccf9730.JPG

Making the turbines from scratch. All from styrene rod and some Ford Raptor rims.


When it's complete, I don't believe you'll see the face of the Raptor rims. I only used them for the details that are usually covered by the tires. The backside of the rim.


Some moveable rear thrusters for vertical take off and high speed turns. Covering up the old passenger door.


I had visions of the Return of the Jedi Speeder bikes. I made the front wings for flight control from the 2 front seats.





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Thanks guys! I changed out the rear side turbines for a better set. Scratch built these this weekend.


It's only going to have the driver's seat. The rear seat area will be separated by a firewall. The back seat will be crammed with all kinds of engine parts. Intakes, pipes, wires...


The plan is to have the two rear side windows as intakes. Possibly the rear window as well.



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I added these intakes to feed the rear turbines. Still not sure where this is going. I'm imagining a future, retro, race car. Racing numbers on the side, with some sponsors. Not sure if I want to do a vintage style or a more futuristic look.

I haven't used decals since I was first building models. This is going to be my biggest problem after finding a paint scheme that matches the car.



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If this were my project I would be planning a metallic finish in differing shades with some signs of abrasion from contact with debris while in use. For decals or markings how about a futuristic rental car theme such as "Rent-A-Rocket" or something like that. The only limits here are your imagination.

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On 1/28/2018 at 5:35 PM, misterNNL said:

Those lights need some help my friend. Being in that location might be OK but the mounts look too weak. Something more mechanical or possibly even retractable on cylinders so they could be tucked away when not in use. The rest of your design works really well.

Yes, I was just trying to get the correct placement for the headlights. I need to make a bracket of some sort that fits the character if the car.

I painted the turbines. They'll be weathered of course. The 2 intakes on top of the turbines are made from the grill of a 70 Camaro cut in half. If you look close, you can see the "454" badge peeking out from under the divider.


I hope to add more cool interior gadgets. A second gauge cluster behind the one shown. Lots of control sticks and buttons!


The plan for now is to paint a two-tone baby blue and white combo. Blue on the top and fenders, white on the door areas. I think that I'll use those colors on the little extras like the wings and the side thrusters.


I have not decided what to do with the side window vents. Aluminum or body color?





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Those side windows might look very cool in a reflective glass like a lot of modern day windows with a reflective outer surface but clear from the inside.Over all a great use of "gizmology"by scrapping out outdated internal combustion era parts to build a sustainable mode of transportation.

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