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Update w/more pix: 1934 Ford Five Window Hot Rod with "East Coast Hot Rod" Design Elements

tim boyd

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In recent years the 1950's/early 1960's "East Coast" hot rod has gained a considerable degree of interest and respect in the hot rod world. One of the key features of this design idiom seemed to be bodies channeled over the frame, combined with stock, non-chopped roofs. Or, the exact opposite of the more popular west coast style of non-channeled highboy coupes with chopped tops
I've always felt that the AMT-Ertl 1934 Ford Five Window Coupe kit deserved far more interest and respect than it has received from model builders over the years since its introduction in 1995. This kit was derived from their late 1980's (and thoroughly disliked) 1933/34 Tudor kit, with an all-new and far more accurate body casting. The street rod version of the Five Window kit missed the mark to a degree due to the carryover (and way out of scale) IFS setup and the oh-so-generic SBC engine, but the showroom stock version of the kit was highly authentic, even down to the separate oil dipstick provided.
Anyway, I wanted to build a new model in the East Coast style to show the potential of the kit vis-à-vis the current "Traditional Hot Rod" movement and even more specifically the new-found interest in hot rods built in the early 1960's Autorama style show car idiom (think of the pearl blue with violet accents 1934 Coupe from Beau Boechmann of Galpin Ford that toured the show circuit a few years ago).
The entire build was featured in other model car magazine (June 2015 issue), so check out the full details there. Meanwhile, in summary level the body was channeled over the frame, the engine is a 392 Hemi with six deuces (liberally swapping in engine parts from Replicas and Miniatures of Maryland), the interior was the tuck'n'roll unit from the street rod version of AMT-Ertl kit, a quick-change Halibrand found its way under the rear end, and the wheels were Salt-Flats style units sourced from a test shot of the Revell 1930 Ford Five Window Coupe kit, which had not yet been released to the public when the model was built. (Kudos to Jim Kampmann, who was the first to figure out this "hidden surprise" and correctly guess the origin of these parts).
The paint was MCW Automotive Finishes 1957 Chrysler 300 C Parade Green Metallic, and the copper accents were Testors Copper Metallic enamel
A number of you totally got what I was trying to accomplish with this build, and told me so. I very much appreciated your feedback!   TIM
DSC 0221
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Love this model--I went out and bought the mag off the newsstand because of it, then started a '34 project inspired it. But then it evolved rapidly into full east-coast territory with a low tail end and molded fenders, and I never finished it. Gotta get back on it!

The stance and color combo are probably the things that grab me most with this '34, but there are many other details that keep me coming back. 

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2 hours ago, espo said:

Great looking model. I would like to see more pictures if possible. This makes me want to build a '33 or '34 Ford. 

Hey guys.....really encouraged to know how well this one really resonated with you.....as requested by David, a few more photos:    TIM 

DSC 0224DSC 0229DSC 0220

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I aint trying to brown nose here but this is one of the coolest '34 5-Window models I've ever seen. Its just got "The Look."  The combo of the metallic green and copper/white is just awesome! I also love the setup on the Hemi. I really need to get it together and order some of Norm's parts. 


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