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1927 and 1970 Ford police cars coming back?


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It's possible, but I doubt it, although the '27 Touring was a Stevens International reissue, ye to be reissued by Round2.

That said, I think they just reissued the kit with the same box art and changed some of the wording (now two lines under the Interceptor's nose). Maybe somebody can post a pic or tow of the new box in the Police Van topic for clarification. Long side of the original box:


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The '27 T Police Car was last re-issued around 2007, so more than 10 years ago...hard as that is to believe.  That was kit number 38679. It has the "Ford Official Licensed Product" and Stevens International logos on the box.  The original issue back in the 1970s was kit number T178.

For newer modelers who wonder why this is such a desirable kit:  it's the only Model T kit that ever came with the side-curtains and windows for the up-top. Even if the windows are so thick, when scaled up they would be more like bulletproof glass.  In real life the windows were thin celluloid/isinglass. The side-curtains/windows could be rolled up and stored under the bottom cushion of the back seat. I have a '27 T where I carefully cut out the side-curtains and will replace them with thinner clear plastic. Someday...

Other great things about this kit: it has optional vintage speed equipment (a Frontenac DOHC setup and 4-outlet exhaust header).  Also quite a bit of police gear: a sawed-off shotgun, a big chrome flashlight, 2 vintage police helmets and 2 night-sticks, a megaphone, etc.  There's also a siren and other police parts for the car itself.

If I ever get around to building one of these as a police car, I plan to make a few changes.  Things in the kit like bumpers, wire wheels and wind-wings were all extra-cost options on open Fords in 1927, and it's doubtful any police dept. would have ordered them.  For once, the wheels are an easy fix; just use the wooden spoke wheels from an AMT '25 T kit.

Since 1927 was during Prohibition, I've thought of building one of these as a police "Raid Car" for hitting speak-easies and liquor warehouses.  Maybe a retractable ram on the front end, for breaking thru doors, and a winch on the back for pulling doors down.   

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Having driven a T, I'm not sure that it was/would be stout enough for either ramming or pulling.  In 1/25 scale I'd use the MPC Lincoln or Chrysler for that kinda work.

I do wish that this kit would come back. I can't believe it has been 12 years since the last issue. I wonder what shape the CinderBug tooling is in? Time for that one to re-appear too.

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I understand the Lincolns were big favourites on both sides of the law because of their V-8 power and four wheel brakes. 

If you're looking for something big and heavy from that time period,  there's Monogram's old Mack kit.

It would be nice to see the '27 T come back.  Since resurrecting the XR-6 part is probably too big an ask,  how about some of the custom pieces from that first issue?

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