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Gluebomb Porsche 911 Slantnose Cabriolet


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A lot of work, far from perfect as it is a faulted from the start but fun to revive something. 
I can't build cars in 1:1 scale, so fun to do it in 1/24th scale

Cool stuff along the way: I tried a lot of different things on this car
Made the entire rear deck, wing and vent cover in dental resin by moulding taken from another kit
Media blasted the body with an air abrasion unit to completely strip paint and get an even surface
Remade the front suspension/shocks/ tie rod so that the wheels would steer, rotate and fit the Fujimi aftermarket rims 
Made disk brakes and body coloured rotors, made door handles from copper wire and round aluminum stock
Wired up and detailed the Porsche flat six engine, aluminum flared exhaust tips
Sanded and then coated all glass in AK Gauzzy or Future to repair a lot of glue damage/scratches
Multi-toned greys in the interior
Splash paint and Gravity 2k clear...first cleared body I have done and not the last!

Before: This was a Monagram kit a bit battered up and no rear deck at all





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On March 30, 2019 at 9:27 AM, Snake45 said:

That came out great--I'm envious! (I'm still looking for a hood/engine cover for my own glue bomb.) Well done and drive on! B)

You will notice mine looks best with the rear wind and deck posed open..it came out OK, but not a perfect fit


Thanks for all the nice words guys. This was a good one to finish off.

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