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For more out of curiosity than anything else I bought this 1/24 BBurago Ferrari GTO for under $30 shipped....and it is not red.  I wanted to see how it compared to the other GTOs which have been released in the past.  This particular car is based upon GTO 3445GT as it raced in the 1964 Targa Florio.


The model is OK but could have been better.  The major issue I have with it is the windshield surround depicts an oversized  black gasket on the outside of the chrome surround.  The 2 hood scoops are undersized and the taillight bezels are not chromed.  On the plus side the wire wheels are pretty good but definitely need to be painted, not chromed.  Unfortunately there is no engine.


I found it interesting the Chinese based BBurago chose to start from scratch and did not use the earlier Italian based GTO diecast which is IMHO must better and with an engine.  For comparison purposes shown left to right are the Jouef GTO64, K&B slot body, Gunze, Italian BBurago, Revell slot body, and the new BBurago.


As a footnote, the Gunze model is really special to me because it was expertly built by my good friend Wayne Moyer for a magazine review article.  He had coated it with Future which unfortunately over time had crazed and he gifted it to me.  I was able to fix  the finish and it remains a special tribute model to Wayne.

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On 6/2/2020 at 3:06 PM, Gramps46 said:

Thanks for posting the photos from Corning Rich.  Interesting that the nose vents beside the driving lights are different from the original.

Moreover, the middle of the 3 air intakes has been much larger than the left and right ones on the original Ulf Norinder car (pictured on the Targa Florio 1964)

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