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Shout-out for Zoom Model: Great products, great prices

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A member of this forum referred me to that company (in Hong Kong) for some metal sticker Mercedes scripts and logos.   Their website is https://www.zoomonmodel.com  .  They have a fairly wider range of model details and supplies.  The website is fairly easy to browse, and ordering is also easy.  They take PayPal.  Don't let the prices scare you - they are in Hong Kong Dollars.  For example the sheet of those Mercedes scripts is priced at HK$32.00 which is currently about US$4.08 (which is rather inexpensive for this type of item). I ended up ordering a bunch of items. Shipping cost (to USA) was HK$140.00 (US$17.84) and it took about 2 weeks to arrive.  What a great find!

Here are some of the items I ordered.  The relief-etched set to 50 US license plates looks really interesting, but the decals seem a bit thick, so I don't know how well it will conform to the plate's surface.  But make sure to order 2 sets since only single plate from each state is included.  I  didn't, so I'll have to get another set.


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On 6/9/2022 at 7:54 AM, Cool Hand said:

Will be good to see where you put some these products to use.

You can get Zoom On parts in the U.S from Scale Riders, pretty sure he could order specific products that he doesnt have in stock.

Ah, more backhand comments. Really?! LUKE- GET OFF MY BACK!  I have  enough of you badgering (in public and in PM) to show off my work.

Besides, why is it so important for you to see proof that  I am building some automotive model now?  If you really want to know, I have not built any car models for few years. Last one was my Monogram Ultimates 289 Cobra.  I am currently concentrating on another one of my many hobbies, but that doesn't mean that my model building kits skills and experience have just evaporated.  I can still build them, discuss techniques and ask inquisitive (annoying to some) questions.

But thank you for the Scale Riders link.


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On 6/9/2022 at 12:46 PM, iamsuperdan said:

Their transkits are really nice too.


I have their Saleen 570X kit. Very well engineered, beautifully cast, and super easy to read instructions.



I have this transkit to,it's nice i just think the tires are a little undersized.

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