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What were the first models you can remember building?

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For me it was 1967.  I sorta remember my father had one of the Monogram classic cars.. which one had a golf bag door?  It got creamed by my sister and there were parts in the toy chest.

My dad was a Studebaker fan and wanted an Avanti. He had a kit.. not sure if it was AMT or Aurora. He got the idea that we’d use it as a pattern to build my Pinewood Derby car.  He added a roof to the wood block and carved a crude Avanti.. picture it with those wheels sticking out!  It got painted yellow and black because I had seen the movie, “The Yellow Rolls Royce”.  I remember being at the Pinewood Derby and thinking it would be neat to have that kind of track for my Matchbox cars.

There weren’t any more just then because we lived in Turkey and nothing was sold there. When we got back to the US in 1968, i saw  Hot Wheels track and fell in love with that!


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My first kit was a Jo-Han 1970 Oldsmobile, around 1989 or 1990. I saw the box art and had to have it. I brush painted it with Humbrol enamel red and I fitted the custom bumpers that came in the kit. Wish I still had it just to see how badly I assembled and painted it!


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