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Lancia 037 Rally EVO2 Full detail

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Hi Folks,

  Hasegawa has released a number of different boxings of the 037 car over the years.  They were all the same but with decals of specific races. All curbside. I then found ( thanks to Niteowl here) that they released a boxing that contained a motor.  I found one and it disappeared into the stash never to be seen till a month ago. Late nite surfing the net led to rumors of a Italian model shop, GPModeling, 3D printing a  transkit designed by Claudio de Bellis for the entire rear compartment. Found it, found that they also did a kit for the front end.   Looked wonderful. So impressed that I arranged to become the retail outlet North America for these transkits.  Also picked up a small pe set from Hobby Design.

Here is what we have to work with...




The extra goodies...




Engine set.....









Frontend set.............






more to come..







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This is what the transkits look like installed on the Hasegawa car. Pic is from GPModeling....






 The 3D printed parts require some patience to remove all the supports.  Good set of low profile nippers come in handy:)  I spent some extra time on all the tube sections to knock down the layer lines then primed with Duplicolor  scratch fill primer. Followed up with Tamiya Fine primer.

Have to say this is some really fine detail ......








IMG_3068.thumb.JPG.11a2f40c87a70d8271f9a9103cbe9b60.JPGThat is all for now, thanks for looking in.







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Randy, that is some fine detail.  I have already built my 037 some years ago, and the engine upper is visible through the rear backlite.

One thing they should be producing, are proper gravel wheels and tires, like shown on the box art and the instruction sheet.  That would be nice from the first glance at the model, the tarmac setups just aren't what all rallies are about. 

I am in need of some gravels for my Audi Quattro and can't find a vendor that has the right setup, so it sits at service on jack stands getting time barred!

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Thanks JC,  Have always really liked the Lancia Rally cars from the 70s,80's and early 90''s.  The Stratos, this 037 and the Delta S4.

Hey Pierre, Thank you... but no promises. Should go faster as I am not scratch building everything:)


Hey Steve,  thanks for commenting and I hear you on the tires. 

JC pointed out a good supplier,  www.renaissance-model.com is another one.  Pasquale, GPModeling.com , has started a line.

pics of a gravel set and snow set from the French guys...



A pic from the GPModeling site......




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Thanks for those links Pascal !

Sometimes Hasegawa does strange things with their kits. This kit has a separate front clip but there is no interior detail in the front end.  They have provided a motor in this boxing but the rear clip is not separate????

Cut loose the rear body and then followed the transkit instructions for removing chassis plastic to make way for the tube subframes front and rear. Basically using the kit for the monocoque tub to hang stuff off of.   



Rear section....







Working on the motor.  As JC mentioned in his Lancia build, it is amazing the different cars that Lancia stuffed the little 4 cylinder into. In this, the 037 EVO2 , Abarth came up 325 hp out of 125 c.i. using Bosch fuel injection and a Volumex supercharger.

The design of the 3D printed parts allows for very robust attachment points for the different pieces. This allows mock ups with no glue.




Adding some banjo fuel fittings from RB Motion, fuel lines from MFH.










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Not familiar with that boxing Andy but I think you could if it is Hasegawa??


Some 1:1 pics for reference....









Some more progress,  the crazy belt system to run all the accessories is made up of 4 different pieces...




Thanks for looking in!






Edited by Randy D
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John,  Thank you!  No matter the gains in technology we model builders are still cleaning up parts:)

Pierre, Thank you my friend.

Thanks Trevor !

A little more engine work...

Shaping some plastic rivets to resemble the rather unique spark plug boots 





Working on plumbing and wiring..











That is all for now.

Thanks for looking in!




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I'm glad I could help inform a purchase for a fellow modeler, but to be honest I'm not aware of a boxing of the Hasegawa 037 that doesn't  have an engine included, at least going back to the kits released in the 2000s. Any recent reissue from 2014 forward would have an engine (for others following along here).

The Stratos and Deltas are 100% curbside.

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Hi Folks,

  Pascal, thank you sir!  Really enjoy you posting all your MFH builds. Great stuff

Thanks for clarifying that James:)

Andy,  That is a cool kit. Yeah, it does look like more what JC is building.

Some progress...

Attaching the suspension parts,twin fuel tanks, oil tank, oil breather tank, fuel pump and electrics board...





Bill (Ace-GarageGuy)  many moons ago had posted this handy diagram for detailing a dry sump oil system. Exactly what is needed for this car..




Some pics of it all going together ....










I have mentioned this earlier but a neat thing in the design of the 3D kit is the way you can assemble all the main components to check things out then take it all back apart for detailing. Only the fuel tanks and the transaxle are glued in so far.

Thanks for looking in,



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