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Cannonball FRC 1968 stingray


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I’m calling this one finished, I’m very pleased with how it turned out. I wanted to list the mods I made to the original kit so here’s it is to the best of my memory.😁

body: the Stars and Stripes 1968 corvette roadster from Revell, the rear fender flares were glued and blended into the quarter panels, the hard top was glued and blended and the excess convertible deck was cut away from the inside. The rear spoiler is thin sheet metal with carbon fiber decal, the front wheel flares and lip spoiler are .020 sheet styrene. The windshield wiper door was removed so I could use the longer hood from an MPC 76 stingray, the L88 hood scoop was cut from the original hood and put on the long hood. I wanted the cowl to come back to the windshield. The mirrors came from the Revell 2009 ZR1 donor car, all the chrome was stripped and painted gloss black. I also added a rear roll pan since the chassis was cut away there would have been a lot of empty space there.

interior: the interior is pretty basic, I removed the stock gauges, and replaced them with ones from google, the center ones were covered with a piece of sheet styrene and carbon fiber, in their place I mounted a GPS/radio. The shift plate was also replaced with carbon fiber and the shifter from the ZR1. The seats are from an AMT dodge viper. The steering column was made with different sizes of aluminum tubes so the telescopic feature functions. The steering wheel is a carved popsicle stick with photo etched spokes and horn button.

engine: the engine is the LS9 from the ZR1 donor, the transmission came from the dodge viper, along with the computer and fuse box. Master cylinder came from a C5 donor. The radiator and core support are from the ZR1 as well as the air cleaner, which had to be modified for the hood to close all the way.

chassis: the main center frame is from the 68 corvette but the ends were cut from the C5 chassis, the suspension was also used from the C5. The differential, drive shaft and axles are from the viper.  And a skid plate was added to the center section to help with the chassis strength since most of it was cut away. This also made it possible to use the 68 corvette interior tub.

wheels/tires: the wheels came from a revell 2006 Z06 and the tires came from the ZR1, and the brakes from the C5. I used some decals I got off a at for the tires, their pretty nice quality but I found that using a bit of future floor polish helped hold them in place better than their glue.











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