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Model Kit Retailer Reccomendations?

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Plaza Japan is the best I think you’ll get. I order from them all the time, and their packaging is really good. The shipping is little high, but worth it considering most of the kits in the state that are $40+ you can get from them like $13-20$. I only order from them when I do big orders because of the shipping. They do Japan post, fedex, and DHL.  DHL is the best, but shipping costs more. 

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I suspect Gary is looking for a stateside retailer.

Otherwise Hobby Link Japan and  Hobby Search are excellent Japanese retailer to deal with.

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Hiroboy, Spotmodel, Grand Prix Hobbies, are all great european online retailers. These sources have kits not everyone else has, but they are full retail price.

Hobby Link Japan is a great resource for japanese kits. Prices are cheap, but shipping can cost a lot so bundle up purchases.

All of these options take some time to ship to the US.

I don't know where they are located, but do not ever use Internet Hobbies. They have a very deceptive practice where they list all the models they can get but they do not clearly tell you if they are in stock or not. Then you place an order, they take your money, and then you wait while they replenish their stock before they send you your kits.

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