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Monogram 55 Chevy Street Machine 2n1


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4 hours ago, TransAmMike said:

I started and reboxed mine.  There is no seperate firewall, its the front part of the interior tub.  Does'nt fit even closely to the body.  If anyone else had that issue I'd sure like to see your solution.

Thanks Mike, I'll check mine. Haven't done much with it yet, been cleaning up the body and worked a little on the engine.

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Sorry for the bad pics, but it's all I have of this car. Yes, there is a firewall issue. I trimmed the hood tabs down a bit because they hit inside when you get everything mounted correctly. I forgot exactly what I did to it, but I had to do some trimming where the firewall meets and where the inner fenders meet at the frame. And if I recall correctly, I think it had more of an issue on the right side than on the left. But it does take a little work to make these kits look nice, but it can be done.




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Keep in mind, this kit is VERY old, the original dating to 1963 (IIRC), and has been produced nearly perpetually since then in the form of the Badman and Street Machine kits. The original is actually pretty nice, especially if you build it as the convertible. The Badman and SM kits appear to have chopped tops and the rear roof pillars are too wide, they are "cartoony" and were made for kids. In fact, nearly everyone I know in the model car world has built at least one in their modeling lifetime. That is why the Badman is beloved and people actually build real cars to emulate the kit! My advice is to just take this kit for what it is, if you want an accurate '55 hardtop, get a newer issue Revell kit (not the crappy one with opening doors!) they are super nice. That said, there are some easy things to do to improve the finished look of this kit: Open the rear wheel wells so they are higher. Use taller tires all around with appropriate mags. Make sure the rear tires fill the wheel wells and lastly, thin out the rear posts on the top. Thats what I am going to do with mine, anyway.

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15 hours ago, slusher said:

Beautiful color!

Thanks Carl. It looks better than I thought it would.


6 hours ago, Zippi said:

I'm diggin the X-4 Blue James.  

Thanks Bob. I am too, I think I'm not going to clear it, maybe just polish it a little.

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She's sitting on all four. Slow progress, just too hot and humid to stay in my work shed for long. The front of the traction bars had no connection point, I had to drill some holes in the frame rails for the pin to fit in. It's kinda of a strange chassis all around with the built in square mufflers and exhaust system. The street version I'm building has the headers connecting into those square mufflers and the short pipes used do not line up correctly.


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