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A Very Special Thank-You


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Last year, when I had my stroke, I was offline for nearly two whole months. When I returned, I was VERY moved to see a thread had been started on me in the Where's Waldo section, and was amazed at the number of posters in that thread. I had no idea.that I was or would be that missed. One of the posters in that thread—a man I'd never met, only done a few trades with—went to the extra trouble to track me down in my hospital room and call me, and he didn't even have a phone number on me to start with. :blink: We talked for a good long time, and maybe two or three times, I really don't remember now (hey, I'd just had a STROKE, ferpissake), but I will ALWAYS remember his effort and kindness. I won't name him here but he knows who he is. ;)

BTW, I regularly post on six or eight other boards like this one but on different subjects entirely. I'm just as prolific on those boards as I am here. But nowhere else did anyone ask where I was, much less start a thread on it—ONLY here.

When I came back here, I made a special effort to be a good neighbor. I don't agree with all the rules here but I've tried very hard to follow them because I've learned how much I value this place and the people here and I'd hate to get thrown out. Many times I have erred on the side of caution and NOT posted something I DESPERATELY wanted to post. But hey, life is full of little tradeoffs, right? ;)

After I recovered, some of my friends and I started a private email ring. We didn't communicate often, but when we did, we kept stuff off this board that shouldn't be here, so it was a VERY GOOD thing. The members know who they are. (Sadly, one of them passed a few months ago. I miss him to this day and always will.) :(

Now another member of my “very private fan club” is missing, and I'm again VERY moved and pleased to see that he too has been missed enough that someone started a Where's Waldo thread on him. I can assure you that wherever he is, he appreciates your concern just as much as I did last year. Can't/won't say more about it now. Just wanted to post that even for a notorious loner/hermit/misanthrope/grumpy old man like myself, it is NICE to feel part of a family, and we really are a family here, aren't we? Thank you to everyone who deserves it. :wub:

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9 minutes ago, slusher said:

Snake you’re a great member and friend that’s how I feel.  I miss people l like when they’re not around. Take care of yourself…

Carl, drop me an email sometime. Been wanting to talk to you. ;)

SnakeACP45 at AOL dot com

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32 minutes ago, ewetwo said:

Was wondering if you were "modeling on" in private. Glad you're ok.

I've actually gotten at least four projects done this year, but have only posted two.  Have two more photographed, just need to find the time to write up the stories and post everything up. Stay tuned, as they say in the radio bidness. ;)

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7 hours ago, ybsluos said:

Snake I hope you are doing well and finding time to do Snake-Fu on some plastic.  You are a heck of a builder as well as one of the good guys on this forum.

Thanks for your concern, Mark, and your kind words. I'm doing great--better every day now, in fact--just haven't been doing much modeling at all. Last project I finished up was a couple months ago now--it was a Snake-Fu on a "glue bomb" model airplane, first job like that I've done. (Yah, that's right--Snake-Fu on a Plane. :lol::lol::lol:)  I should take some pics of that thing and post it here sometime soon. It turned out pretty cool. Model on! B)

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