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Autoquiz 587 - finished

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This time I was looking for one car from the German Wirtschaftswunderzeit during the 1950's. After the war everybody wants a car, but most didn't had the money for a VW Beetle or Auto Union or Merceeds-Benz in German after the war. There were lots of manufacturer of micro cars in Germany. BMW had the Isetta, Glas had build the Goggomobil. The car in the picture was a 1955 Fuldamobil NWF200 or Fuldamobil S-2. According to the owner it is one of the cars that were build by NWF in Bermerhaven/Germany. The diffferent version of the S type except S-7 had all the same body style but different engines or number of tires.

Some said that it is a Bambino 200. The Bambino is a license build car from the Netherlands. When you have a closer look on the blacked out area at the front you can barely see a rectangular logo (Fuldamobil), while the Bambino had a differt styled logo.


The correct answer Fuldamobile NWF200 or Fuldamobile S2 were sent in by:


Matt Bacon




A recommend will get the following member for saying Fuldamobile S or Fuldamobil or Fuldamobil Type S




Earl Marischall




All other members who had wrote Bambino 200 or Fuldamobil S-4 (one wiper above windscreen and bigger rear window)  get nothing, sorry







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