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1933 Cadillac Fleetwood All Weather Phaeton


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Thanks, All! I appreciate your comments! 

Weather broke and I got the hood painted and the grill shell touched up. Tomorrow, I'll rub out the hood and add the the foil on the centerline. I managed to get the headlights with horns, turn signals, wipers, front bumper and left side spare tire installed today. Only door handles, hood emblem and emblets on the sides of the fenders left.  The headlights were tough and I don't now how I get those added without getting glue all over the fenders. Almost done! Thanks for looking! 😎




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Thanks, Tom, Dan, Dan, and Carl! I appreciate your comments! Dan, there is no separate trim on this model and I noticed that the 1:1s that I have seen on the internet don't have the same level of trim that the black ones have. I am just adding the trim on the centerline on this one. 

This one is done! The trim level is what I have seen on all the red ones on the internet so I left the emblets on the front fenders off and only foiled the centerline on the hood. I rubbed out the hood this morning and then added a light coat of paint and clear. I also added another coat of Dullcote to the top and added the door handles and the hood ornament. Thanks for looking! 😎







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