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Two Honda's and A Lotus

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Spent some time building these kits, the Ebbro Brabham Honda F2 BT18, Lotus 49B Ford and Tamiya Honda RA272. Salute to Rich Chernosky who did a similar series and a great set of builds. 

Some things I learned. 

It's a shame you can't see all the suspension parts once the car is built because there's a lot of great detail.

The Ebbro kits are for me, very, very  difficult. I found that dry fitting the pieces first (especially suspension), then applying a small about of glue while they were in place worked best. 

I put the tires on to the brake drums first, then glued that unit to the rest of the suspension. That way I didn't destroy the work I already put together by trying to press the tires into brakes. 

I ran out of patience with the gold decals on the Lotus - I should have painted that detail. So you are looking at a version that never existed. I'm going to build this car again sometime and do that. 

Always something to learn. 






















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Doug...thank you for the kind words and mention in you post.   It looks like you have really stepped up top the plate. All three of those are great builds.  The F-2 Brabham is a particulary nice kit  and was one of my first posts on this forum.  Very glad to be your inspiration.  I just moved and it has taken me months just to get set back up but I am almost there. Was looking at the stash just yesterday so hopefully there is more to come. Thanks again. 

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