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Anybody have a baby out there? Baby food comes in little plastic tubs with snap on lids. I've using them to store engines, wheels/tires, etc. They work great.

If you have a baby and aren't saving the little tubs, perhaps you'd consider saving them and sending them to me. I'll be happy to reimburse your postage costs.

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Some of the more expensive, soft dog and cat food (Fancy Feast for example)come in handy little plastic containers with snap on lids.


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Great idea recycling these containers..

I used these plastic Tubs from our local takeaway.. they are transparent.. about 6"x 8" 2"tall stackable..


I purchase quality ice cream for My wife.. :) and use the tub... idea for for bodies or WIP...storage :)

similar size to the above but 3" tall with rounded ends.. stackable.



and for larger items..I use these... My local shop keeps them for me..I usually get about 5 a week...

handy for full 1;1 car resto stuff also..(my other interest.) these are 8"x 8" and 4 1/2 deep transparent and with lids


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I use a lot of my wife's Lock and Lock containers. All different sizes and a secure locking lid.

Just don't tell her, she's always losing those darn things.

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