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What do you think of this Cobra, cool or.....?

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Hey Gang,

There is a cruise-in by my house every Saturday night, sometimes 30 cars, sometimes 100 cars, saw this cobra for the first time this weekend, was getting dark so pictures aren't that good, just wanted opinion on the ...stripe? Couldn't tell if it was big decal or painted on, the design itself made me immediately think of Dr. Cranky, design is cool, but did it ruin a perfectly good kit car? Was so tempted to run my thumbnail over it to see if sticker or paint, but decided that would be just....rude. Up close, the detail looked pretty good, but I thought it would have looked better on something else. Any comments?






Thanks for looking.


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Well Mike, my two cents are this, if it is just a "kit" car and not an original Cobra, it's a pretty BLEEPING cool Cobra!

Even if it is an original, it's still cool, but I think I'd need a few extra holes in my head or a sanity test after doing that to an original car! :lol::o:huh::blink:

Oh, and just a tip for if you find youself wondering something about a car like this again, just kinda hang out near the car until the owner shows up and don't be afraid to ask about details you want answers to! You might find that rare one or two that are complete BLEEPS, but 99.9% of the time they are more than happy to talk about their rides. Think of it like this, they are just other model builders who want to show of their models, they just build in a bigger scale! :lol:

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I think it is painted on...just because of the writing in the picture. If you look at it, there is a very handwritten quality to it. If this was a sticker, someone usually would have taken the time to go in with a computer and use a specific font for the lettering. However, it could be an air brushed badge with stickered stripes. In the third picture, on the left of the scoop, it appears that there is a cut or scratch.

I personally hate snakes and anything to do with them creeps me out. But other than that handwritten badge, I think this is a sharp car. Although I think it would be crazy if this is an original Cobra.

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On a Kit Car anything goes, the Cobra is an eye catcher with the snake skin strips. I would like it better if the snake skin was Ghosted on but then it is what the owner wanted on his car, and like I said it catches the eye, and makes that car stand out from the hundreds of other Cobra Replicas, that we see at Cruize ins and shows!



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