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Doyushi 1969 BlueBird (Warning! DOH in Progress.)


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Wow, I've never seen one of these just hatched, what do you feed it? How old do they have to be before they can start jumping rivers? When do you weld the doors shut? Wow, so many questions!!

Thanks for posting.


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Nobody likes a Nark BigMike ^_^:lol: .

I had No plans to do a DOH, but Danno was just bagging for another one.. :D

Atleast it is a 1969 Datsun. Starts with a D just like Dodge..

Soo your saying I should cut the windows out too?

Okay, I'm easy..

Good Idea MrMost, I think I can just paint them up like the Turbines. Silver with a Black inner rim-ish?

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Well, I'm not the first one to build a other DOH Car but I got the Yr right. LOL...

Yup MrMost, those are the Revell Copcar wheels And Yes, When I loaded the pics, I titled them Doyusha Bluebird

Just incase pics were Surfed. :lol:

Doyusha Of Hazzards. I love it.. :D

I just knew How much ya loved DOH builds Danno so I just had to do it..

Guess I'm just Insane Crazy or Crazy insane but my Doc says I'm all better now every time I track him down.

Just wish he'd quit moving but I guess he likes the Hide and seek games we play?

Taillight panel.


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