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Can we see some scratchbuilt things?


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Hey folks, I've been thinking about starting this topic for a while. Seeing some more of you guys' incredible work lately has spurred me on to actually do it. I've searched around, and so far I haven't found an existing thread, but if there is one already I apologize.

So rules are:

1. Post images of parts you've scratch built, be it an oil filter or an entire car. A short description of each part would also be helpful

2. Have fun

3. Please refrain from debating about the scratch built/kit bashed thing here

4. Have more fun

5. If you believe your part to be scratch built, then please post it

6. Have even more fun

7. If you believe a particular part to not be scratch built, then please smile, scroll on, and enjoy your day

8. You're not going to believe it, but you need to have more fun

Sorry about the lengthy list of rules, but it really is important to have fun :D Enjoy the eye candy people :D

Can't wait to see all the amazing things you guys have made :)

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I'll kick it off with some of my humble offerings-

Custom pro touring frame, for a currently stalled '80 Camaro project



A four link setup for a mate


The headers, covers, and dip stick are scratched parts on this 440 magnum


Garret style turbo charger for the above 440


Get posting people! :D

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I have a few things.

The bumpers and winch for my Cherry 2000 Mustang.


Wood bed for my shop truck.


Weapons and armor for my deathracer 300.


Weapon for my post-apoc ATV and 90% of said ATV (still in the works)


Here's the link for more pics of the ATV in progress.


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Here are a few of my scratch built models. thanks for the oppertunity to show them


The cab and chassis of this Scot Fire truck are all scratch built from Evergreen bits. The body work and ladder are a severly bashed AMT ALF ladder kit.



This is a 1/25th scale model of a Tom Sandy Gravel crusher. it is totally scratch built except for a few parts box items.



A model of a Lombard steam powered log hauller. It is scratch built around a boiler and other pieces from the 1/25th scale General steam engine kit.

Thanks for looking


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Okay, I'll play. We should see some cool stuff in this thread.

SM465 and NP205, all scratch'd with the exception of 2 small considerably modified bits of kit parts on the transfer case (you can see the leftover chromey bits on them). Just to be clear, it's the stuff behind the bellhousing.



GM Heavy Duty steering knuckle and axle housing (3rd member is a kit part).


Everything out to the backing plate is scratched on this one...axle, spindle, steering arm, rod ends, etc.


Everything on (and including) this frame, except for the 3rd member. But you can barely see that sticking out in front of the housing, so we'll just say the whole thing. :D


How 'bout a scratch'd pickup box for a 1/8 '32?


Or an interior for the same?


Or some injection for a 409. Technically this isn't entirely scratch'd...it has 3 PE pieces. :P


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The center cross member was all scratch built with the exhaust also being done. Each of the exhaust clamps was also scratch built and bolted in place. 387863_4481601571929_580310307_n.jpg

The spline rear swaybar and rearend is all scratch built, The center pig was put into resin so it could be a better working part with the brass and plastic to emboss the work. The only thing on this model so far that is a (Kit) part was a frame, Windows and interior tub. Every thing els is being scratch built or put into resin so it can be changed and then made to what is needed on the car.

You can go over and see it being done under "Runt"

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The Intake Manifold and Throttle Body for my '66 Mustang Pro Mod project. Built from Styrene tubing and sheet styrene.


The Scoop for my '59 Simca Gasser, scratchbuilt from sheet styrene. Otherwise the engine is NOT scratchbuilt. ;)


The Pro Charger and its pipings are scratchbuilt from Solder and plastic (Plastic is used for those welding-seams). Also the headers are scratchbuilt from solder. That engine will be in Fox Mustang.



And the Hood for this Junkyard Mustang is scratchbuilt from Aluminium and crashed. :lol:


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I'll add to the mix.

This chassis is scratchbuilt from styrene tubing with a few small aluminum pieces thrown in for good measure.


Same build has a scratchbuilt wheelie bar assembly, made from styrene and aluminum tubing and four link rods and front brackets. The remainder of the rear suspension is resin cast, kitbashed parts and ballpoint pen springs.


Another scratchbuilt chassis for a second build. This one also has some added photo-etch pieces attached.


Same build also has a scratchbuilt wheelie bar setup made from styrene tubing and small sheet pieces. The rear end itself is more resin.


This chassis is scratchbuilt for a wheelstander project.


The wheelie bar assembly is also scratched minus the kitbashed crossmember piece.


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