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The Buzz: New Pocher Kits


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I also don't expect pricing much below the average of their early kits on eBay. I see their new stuff being in the $400-$600 range. Especially if they use the same type materials, like steel, brass, stainless, nickel plate-all materials more expensive than they were 30+ years ago. PE parts would also rate premium pricing-they didn't have that process for their early kits. Realize that Tamiya's Enzo is $400 street price and it's a smaller scale with less diverse material content.

Lastly, if a MFH 1/25 kit is $250, what would it cost in 1/8? And MFH cast parts in a cheaper material and don't have to include machined fasteners in their kits.

Hornby isn't starting this game just to sell giant $200 kits.

Jus' sayin'...

Glad to see my logic held up. :P

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When I showed this to "the little woman" she took one look & said it was the most convincing model she has ever seen. Then like me she said it would probably be one of those models that a person would have to go to the bank to get a loan to buy, & the possibility of a local hobby shop actually stocking one would be as likely as Wal Mart putting it on their shelves.

That said, how much will it run? Or is it one of those "if you have to ask you can't afford it" deals?

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Looks awesome. I don't mind the idea of it being prepainted as well. Suits me due to my job being away from home. Painting is not always convenient when im away or at home, the weather turns too much. Would be good if they had an unpainted version to satisfy everyone. Anyway looks like it would be fun to assemble. Cheers


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From what I understand, and this is by no means direct from the source - Hornby only owns the rights to the name. They did not buy the molds, nor did they hire any designers or people who worked for the old company. They will not be bringing back any of the old kits. Everything going forward will be new. It's 1/8 scale and will be called "Pocher". That's is all you can assume about what the kits will be like. Don't base any judgments on what Pocher did in the past.

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That's one of the old Pocher kits, before they went out of business.

It's an OK kit, but not for the money. It isn't that muck more detailed that a good Italeri 1/24th scale truck it But it is large. If you go all out with superdetailing, then due to it's massive size it can be really impressive.

The diesel engine was offered as a separated kit. Again, why would you spend the money for the separate engine kit when the whole truck kit had the same engine.

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I think we are in a golden age right now for modelling. I'm really looking forward to this kit. Pocher and Moebius and the aftermarket scene are doing such a great thing right now. I'm saving for this kit. CheersBen

I keep hearing that and I agree for the most part, so where is my 1/12 427 Cobra?????


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