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The Take-A-Turn Torino Project


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Rob, did you see the T-a-T-T in person at a FL show, by chance? I recall either Ron or someone (might've been you?) mentioned the model would be at a FL show a few months ago.

Unfortunately, I haven't heard anything from Ron, even after sending him an e-mail very recently, so hopefully he's finished up with it and getting ready to mail it to me. :)

Sorry I haven't replied sooner. My two attempts to contact Ron via FB (which he uses regularly) have failed. I do not know why he refuses to reply, but there it is. I have offered to pick up the kit and mail it for him, so he has no excuse not to see this resolved. I have traded with Ron and seen him at shows (not lately) and he always seemed a straight shooter. He hasn't been on this forum since his last post in March. I don't know whats going on, but if I find out I'll let you know. 

I'm real sorry this has happened. I advise you continue to plague him with emails Casey.

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