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Datsun 510 BRE update 8/15- it's finished!


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After my long, challenging Trumpeter GT40 build, I wanted to try something a little less involved. I could have gone to any of the numerous kits in my stash just crying out to be built, but instead I saw this little sucker on the shelf at my LHS and decided that it was just the ticket. The first thing I noticed when I cracked open the box was that the molds were a little tired, so I set about rescribing the faint panel lines on the body as well as fixing some of the trim and body lines that seemed to have vanished over time. While I was at it I removed the molded-in windshield wipers. Some of the trim, such as the very faint vents behind the rear quarter windows and the molded-in taillights, I masked before priming and painting to preserve the detail. Here's the body before paint...



After Tamiya fine white primer and Pure White were applied, I masked the white areas off and applied the Tamiya Italian Red lacquer decanted through my trusty Master pistol-grip airbrush.




Next I get to re-mask and spray the under hood area in Tamiya TS-15 blue, which will also be used for the underside of the car. Then I get to mask and spray the black trim. I thought this was supposed to be a quick project...

The kit's chrome parts were completely unusable... I'm starting to feel that way more and more about kit chrome lately. The plating was way too thick and the parts needed major cleanup to be usable due to the mounting locations of things like the bumpers and wheels on the chrome tree. I removed all the parts, stripped the chrome, cleaned them up and painted them with Alclad chrome...


I painted the centers of the American Racing Libre wheels in Tamiya metallic grey and gave the grille a wash with The Detailer black acrylic wash.


Next I'll let the body dry before polishing ( of course I painted the hood and other body panels as well!) and painting the black trim and under hood blue. In the meantime I'll start cleaning up and mounting the other parts for painting. More updates soon and as always questions and comments are welcome!

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Here's a quick update. The body has had the blue under the hood painted, as well as all the black trim. I applied Bare Metal Foil to all the shiny stuff and used The Detailer to pick out the detail on the side vents. I cannot recommend strongly enough masking those vents, as well as the taillights, off before primer and paint so as not to lose the detail. The kit does provide decals for the vents but it's not the same. The taillights were foiled (they're molded into the rear pan, BTW) and painted in Tamiya clear red and orange. I applied the first white decal over the red chin spoiler to test the opacity, and they seem alright. I might try doubling up on them. Next will be the engine bay- I've decided to go with braided line instead of the kit tubing. On to the pics!




The extra attention to detail deepening the panel lines and rescribing and sharpening up the trim really pays off at this point... it almost looks like a new Tamiya tool! I washed the panel lines in a medium grey mixture- they look a little dark to me, but I think they'll look a lot better with all the decals on the body.


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I've been slowly but surely working on this build and am trying to get it wrapped up in time for the Table Top Nationals in Deerfield Beach next weekend. I'm closing in on final assembly, and have the engine bay finished. I went with Detail Master braided lines (not crazy about them- might try Pro Tech next time) and fittings. Wiring is from MCG, and I scratchbuilt a coil. I detailed the carbs with styrene and parts box intake trumpets. I scratchbuilt the radiator overflow tank to better match the online pics of the engine bay. Here we are before the engine installation...


and after. It's pretty busy in there!




Next, the interior... more pics soon. As always, questions and comments are welcome!

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