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Pete 377 and 52' Flatbed (Couldn't Stand It) Got a Load, Now

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I'm gonna call this one done.....For now, anyway....I'm not sure about this one, though.....It NEEDS something.....I've got an idea for a load for it, but for now, I'm just using these pallets from a couple of 1/32 scale Newray models..







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Thanks, Guys....I appreciate that.....

You know, Clayton....I thought about some side skirts, Man....I'm with you on that one.....That just might do the trick....And some chicken lights all around....You may be on to something....

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I totally couldn't stand looking at it !!!! :angry: I HAD to stretch this thing.....I think it looks much better, now..... I added 2" and some tool boxes to it, and I'm very pleased with the result....Gonna have to rewrap that tarp, though.....I hope you guys think the same.....









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Well done and another fine work.

2 thoughts for your "display".

1) If you get to Home Depot/Lowes or a good hardware store, pick up some of that self adhesive anti slip black traction tape. It comes wide and is usually sold by the foot. Makes a darn nice roadbed.. Then just fling some thick gloss black for tar filled cracks and/or grind in a little dirt with your finger to further dull out the areas worn by tires.

2) Consider a diluted wash of cheap flat black acrylic or black charcoal dust on your peeps and puppies. Nice way to kill the gloss and bring out the detail. A little gentle wiping with a clean, dry Q tip once dry really makes 'em look pretty good.

Great job....as usual. You da man!


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