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1932 Vicky


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What difference or advantage does the Flintstone resin body have over the AMT kit body? Oh, nice model BTW.

Honestly, I have no idea. Like I said, I bought the body impulsively under the affection of a T-shirt on someone's back. I actually never had the AMT body in my hand. All I can say is that I have three more Vickies in the works. One is the Phantom Vicky from AMT, built not far from box stock. One more of the AMT Pantom Vicky but with fenders and different top. And a B400, which is also a JF resin body. I want to make also a full fendered traditional (more or less) Vicky too and the AMT kit, which I understand will be reissued, would be the perfect starting point.

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Thank you guys for the great comments.

The paint is Tamiya Bright red. They developed it for their Ferrari F1 models, when Scuderia Ferrari changed their color to "Marlboro Red". I just decanted it from their spray can and shot it through my airbrush. It is cleared with PPG urethane clear.

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Another beautiful build with some excellent detailing !

The license plate behind the grille is a nice touch . :)

I don't suppose you remember where those headers came from ?

I'm thinking they were in the AMT Model T "3 in 1" . . . #626.

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