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1932 Vicky


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The body is Jimmy Flintsone resin.

The frame started as the Phantom Vicky, but was then heavily modified to convert it to a dropped axle front and the rear suspension is scratchbuilt.

Everything else came from the parts box.

The color is Ferrari Rosso Scuderia.


Thanks for looking
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Thanks for the great comments guys.

I went to the heartland nationals in 2011 (I think) and there was a guy infront of me when I got to the door that had a cool t-shirt with a highboy Vicky with big meats and headers on the back of it. It was orange and the drawing on the t-shirt showed it from a 3/4 angle from behind. This is what was the inspiration. Then at the show, I bought the resin body, because I knew I had to make a model like that. Then the body got put away at home and got all but forgotten.

Then shortly after I joint this forum, there was a build challenge of some sort. A weekend community build. So what you see here was build in pretty much 4 or five days. I could not finish it for the community build because I had a huge flood in my house, but everything was painted and polished and pretty much done. It just needed to be detailed a little and everything to be put together.

I am glad you enjoy it and would love to find out the person with the t-shirt to see how well my memory served me.

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