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1/25 AMT '72 Chevy Blazer Crew Chief

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Looks like Round 2 will be bringing out the old AMT/MPC 1972 Blazer kit sometime in January (pic from Ihobby announcement thread), and it will be the Crew Chief version (always wondered why the hard hats and toolbox were in the Model King release :P ).


The kit certainly isn't the greatest in terms of molding, but it is a fun kit to build.


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Hooray for new Blazer reissue! Here's hoping more older pickup kits will be coming! B)

The Enterprise build-2-gether set looks interesting, would be better if it included the series and movie versions, however...

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Good to hear the Boondocker decals will be included. But, just out of curiosity where did you get that info Gerry?


At IHOBBY form the Round2 folks. I will be confirming when I send the MCM article sections to the manufacturers for their final review before I package off and send to the magazine

Round2 indicated that The "feather" graphics decals in our upcoming Crew Chief issue were corrected to what was available on the factory 1:1 vehicle. But they were not included in the original Crew Chief kit. They were first seen in the Boondocker issue.

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I've been waiting for ~30 years for this kit !

Yeah , RC2 (et al.) reissued some sembelance of it ; however , the fabulous junior high school computer graphics box art scared me away !

Thistle be nice a super kit to have again :)

there was a Model King issue a few years ago...
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its out tower has them listed and some other sites as well! Do I wait for hobby lobby or order one right now??

I'm gonna wait for Hobby Lobby to get it or may buy one from GMS Customs on ebay.

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I remember building this kit back in the day. I did the Universal Construction version for a Hobby Shop display. I remember it being a fun build and interesting being a 4 wheel drive and with good suspension detail.

I became again interested in the early 70’s Chevy pickups from watching the quality pickups in various auctions. So, when the Blazer was announced for reissue at the 2014 IHOBBY, I was hooked to get a couple. One will contribute its running gear to an AMT GMC Stepside and the other to combine with the snow plow from the Revell Pickup and these Snow Trax from Shapeways to make a snow moving “Monster”


So, what is in the reissue? It has the Blazer kit with “street” or off-road 4x4 options. You can either build it as a street, construction truck or updated decal Boondocker. The contents are arrayed below:




AMT also includes a box art insert and a guide to make it easier to cluster your parts by color for painting. There is very little flash on the parts or trees and the chrome tree looks to be nicely done.





Street and off road tires are included and they have sidewall detail. The “glass” is packed in plastic in multiple compartments to minimize possible scratching.

Only three things concerned me. This is not to disparage the kit, but something to think about in building. First, the instruments in the dashboard appear a bit soft and could be hard to detail when painting. So gauge decals may be required here (none are included on the decal sheet). The same softness is apparent on the body sides, such as the side marker lamps and door handles. This is true to the original issue and not uncommon in AMT kits of that era. So consider that as you plan your painting and finishing. Finally, the textured top had a couple of spots that the texture was much finer. I doubt it will matter much when painted black, but if you want, consider doing a textured spray finish as well to augment this.

I am looking forward to getting into this after we have moved. If you want more detail on this. Let me know. But I am sure that Tim Boyd or Larry Greenburg will dissect this very nice reissue in more detail.

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I thought they were supposed to be correcting the decal sheet to include the tailgate decal that the 1:1 version of the "Boondocker"/Feathers decal option had? I don't see it on the sheet.

Do you have any better photos? I only found a advertisement and the attached photo (partial?) that is difficult to discern what the decal should look like.


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Thanks for showing us the kit, Gerry. An old classic that will be soon joining my collection. I too noticed the missing "Feathers" tailgate decal. I don't think AMT has ever included in their kit. I also find it interesting that they include Feathers decals for the side windows. I've never seen a real Blazer with the Feathers decals in the windows. I've always though that to be a little odd. Such a minor complaint, it won't stop me from buying one. Now, somebody like Keith Marks should offer the tailgate Feathers decal.


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I've had a hard time coming up with a good, preferably factory, pic of what the tailgate decal should look like. I'm going to try to find one, perhaps check with some of the guys over on Stovebolt.com.

On the subject of aftermarket decals, tis is a great opportunity for someone to do some of the other Bod Mods/Put Ons decals GM offered at that time, like the Eagle, Flames, and Hawk. Perhaps in truck (if Round 2 reissues it), Blazer, Van, and El Camino versions. All of those have kits in the time range that the decals on the 1:1 were done (1969-1972).

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The truck in the front is one called Hawk. As far as I know, nothing is available to replicate it in scale. Which comes back to the idea I was proposing.

Casey, I've seen that pic, it came up in my search. However, the tailgate isn't really clear on the Blazer. I'm still going to see if I can find a clear pic of one.

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