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  2. Try your hand at my AMT Box Art Jigsaw puzzels

    Way cool! Thanks! Russ
  3. 1/20 Tamiya Lotus Type 79 Martini

    Whoa..I just noticed you drilled out all those rivets...How's the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome...? Hope all's good with you and yours Scott. ...wanted to ask , do you mind if I post a WIP on my Ferrari 365 GTB/4... ? ...didn't want to crowd ya...
  4. 1958 Imperial Scrap Body & Misc Parts

    Hi Gary, I think I can help
  5. 1978-'83 Chevy Malibu questions

    Chris: First off, awesome collection of Malibus (especially the black one!) You obviously have a lot of first hand experience with them. I have more experience on the Monte Carlo side of the equation (daily drove a '79 Landau with pretty much every factory option), but between family/friends/co-workers I've had exposure to all of the different brands and most variations of the 1978+ A/G bodies. One item I'm not sure about is your statement about the wagon wheelbase matching the El Caminos. For previous generations of A-bodies (through 1977) this is correct, but I thought the 1978+ wagons had the same 108" wheelbase as the coupes and sedans, and only the El Caminos (and their GMC Cabellero clones) had the 117" wheelbase. That said, I have less experience with the wagons than the coupes (rode in a couple wagons, but never got my hands dirty working on them).
  6. First tank

    My first tank ,just to see what it was like.
  7. R.I.P. forum member FordWagonNut

    Several of us from the LMMCC went to his memorial along with about a hundred of his other friends and family; it was a nice service. With Jonny's mother's permission his oldest friend set up a table with a lot of small diecast cars from his collection and encouraged anyone there to take one (I chose a teal metallic Matchbox '64 Continental). There were quite a few cars left over, so our club offered to bring them to our meeting that night and sell off the rest as a fund-raiser. We made $176.00 from the sale which went to Jonny's mother. From the memorial's GoFundMe page:
  8. VW GOLF GTi mk1 - stanced yob racer

    Those chromes are nice, I'll watch this one... Cheers
  9. 1/20 Tamiya Lotus Type 79 Martini

    Thanks Bruce She is coming along. Certainly a well engineered kit if my ape hands can put it together
  10. 1958 Imperial Scrap Body & Misc Parts

    Looks like somebody severed the fins off a shark and left it to die on the beach. Such a shame. Hope you find your parts and can save it. It deserves a better fate.
  11. 1/20 Tamiya Lotus Type 79 Martini

    Oh Yaa decals make it pop... No Scott I built the 1:20th JPS MkII 40 yrs ago and they were hollow back then...dont worry,..and no more buying for you lol Looking good so far man...Cheers
  12. looks great, nice color, awesome job
  13. ONCE UPON A TIME..... (game)

    information supposed to
  14. 49 merc Kustom

    Just finished this merc for a mini model build off amongst some buddies. Havent built a model in about 15 years but now im hooked again.
  15. Boywer HAAS 14 17 18 Ford

    Great start!
  16. Jim Vandiver Daytona

    Great looking model!
  17. wow very nice job, love the color
  18. Hot Rods to Hell

    Somebody built a 1/1 tribute to the '58 Vette from the movie: https://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/threads/hot-rods-to-hell-corvette-build-finale.951107/
  19. sweet build, looks great, nice work
  20. Bronco

    Very sharp Bronco Jim!! Love the color also!
  21. Bronco

    sweet, I really like the color combo on the interior . looks great
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