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  2. AMT '65 GTO

    Dunno about using it for a '65 Impala 4-door, but that's the top that SHOULD be on the Revell '65 Chevelle and the Polar Lights '64 GTO. I have a diecast '65 GTO that could use it, too. AMT got that top right on their original annual '64 Cutlass and '64-'65 Chevelles and GTOs...and no one else has gotten it right since. Sigh.
  3. AMT '65 GTO

    Very nice job on the old backbirth! Your taillights and rear bumper & panel look exactly like the one I'm working on. I'm trying to fix up that whole area so it's at least a little closer looking. Boy, we really NEED a new kit of this car, don't we? And I'm not even that big a fan of it....
  4. Check your Hobby Lobby!

    Nothing yet at Belton,Mo. HL.
  5. NEW Round2 AMT 2018

    Revell Germany orders Revell-Monogram kits as bagged shots from China, which then get repackaged together with a euro instruction sheet and decals by Cartograph in a Revell Germany wrapper, in their production facility in Poland, to be sold in the European market place. If US distributors order these euro spec US kits, then of course they will be much more expensive then those produced and marketed by Revell-Monogram. when
  6. Slant Six

    Pictures will be uploaded soon I’m having issues currently
  7. Chase Elliott's Hooter's Chevy SS

    Very nice. You've done a great job on the wheels & tires.
  8. Dale Earnhardt's 1990 Lumina

    Very nice work! That blown tire is amazing. Care to share your method?
  9. Has anyone tryed this stuff?

    It might have a use for masking of really different areas "Goes on thick and peels off fairly easy" but, at that price???
  10. 70 Boss 302 hood decal

    I should have some too from various releases.
  11. Running out of patience!

    I'm tired of seeing the "Alternate ways" so I thought I'd add a little (probably very little) spot of humor..."Running out of Patience" sounds like a Doctor's nightmare of "Running out of Patients"
  12. Glue Bomb Rescue: '72 GTO

    Nice rescue work. Have you decided if you'll go for the "broken in" look or total makeover?
  13. Wow Pico your just whetting our appetite, arent you... Inlaid cherry door rails ..oh my ..hehehe Love watching a good scratch.. Cheers
  14. Couple of Victorias.

    Are you kidding?!? You Fords are fantastic. It's always great to see what else you have up your sleeve.
  15. 60 Plymouth Rear Bumper & Glass

    Thanks Steve
  16. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    I wish. I'm fresh out of uncles. I'm constantly scouring ebay and various online shops for good deals, of which there are plenty if you are patient and smart. I ain't dropping a C-note for a '64 Caddy or '68 Fury police car when I know I can get them for 25-35 bucks. I have a fleet of unbuilt Police Furys that cost me less than 30 bucks each. I didn't pay more than $25 for any of the three '31 Caddys or the two Mercedes 500Ks either. The two '64 Caddys I have so far set me back $52 total. I'm not cheap; but, I don't buy on impulse, either.
  17. Glue Bomb Rescue: '72 GTO

    No, have never tried that. I polish with Wright's Silver Cream, a silver polish available at Walmart and where house-cleaning stuff is sold. It works great on both paint and plastic.
  18. Pet peeve of mine!

    I never receive any notifications. I must have them turned off. Good. I get dozens of them a day from another board, and they drive me crazy.
  19. Build them all and enjoy each one.
  20. Slant Six

    I'm interested but no pics if you posted any, show up , PM me
  21. Pet peeve of mine!

    Yes, just click on the text box & hit "backspace" to delete any photos or text that you want to omit. Steve
  22. 1948 Cadilac

    Sweet ride. Love the SHINY
  23. Pet peeve of mine!

    The only nice advantage to using the quote function is that the poster of the original message will receive a notification insuring that they will read your reply. Steve
  24. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    I hope a rich uncle died! Steve
  25. I am liking the black and gold and blue/purple accents idea more and more. Will paint the bed soon with the gold to have a better idea but just mocked up the spare fender painted gloss black to see how it looks. The bug in the photo has matte black paint, but not have good luck with handling the parts afterwards without showing they were handled. I may give it a try but like the gloss so far.
  26. Dale Earnhardt's 1990 Lumina

    I built this to represent Earnhardt's Daytona upset car... blown tire on the last lap. I made a lot of body mods and such to get this to look like a speedway car. Paint is is Tamiya black polished out with no clear and the decals are from Powerslide. I also made the blown tire!
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