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  2. "New" Revell 48 Ford

    Like the chopped coupe, the windshield is too tall and the rear quarter window is too big.
  3. 68 GTX grille

    I already ordered 2 sets of grilles. Should have them in another 7-10 days. And 68 GTX door panels and seats? Would not mind a couple interior sets (door panels, front buckets, rear bench) also...
  4. What Irked You Today?

    Ah man I was raised on that stuff. Add a can of Cambells Cream of Chicken soap and you had a great dinner.
  5. andy griffith show

    Here's a fun Wiki that covers all the vehicles used in the AMC series "Breaking Bad:" http://breakingbad.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Vehicles
  6. Alan Kulwicki Quincy's Ford .

    Beautiful job!
  7. 1/24 Fujimi Mitsubishi FTO

    Color combination came out better than anticipated
  8. The birthday present.

    Very nice build. I think it does need hub caps. maybe...
  9. Here Come Da

    1969 GTO Judge. It's a Testors/Lincoln Mint that I found on EBay. Just needed a little TLC.
  10. I like that. It's got a real late sixties/early seventies feel to it.
  11. Another Quick Poll

    My vote.......Cheetah! Seen two sell on evil bay in past.....one decent ( not mint ) & one pretty rough.....BOTH way out of my budget!!!
  12. Johnny Lightning 1/25th cars question

    Hey Gregg, what color is your '69 Charger?
  13. Slant 6 wanted

    Thanks, I will
  14. I really misread the title here. I thought you were talking about somebody cutting parts out of sheet rock. That would be a chore! Last weekend my wife went to Jo-Ann's(?) fabric store and I looked at all the Cricut and other types of cutters. I also found out they take Hobby Lobby coupons so now I wonder if that would apply to one of these?
  15. Another Quick Poll

    I've seen a lot more people express an interest in a model of a Cheetah than they have in, say, a Chevy II
  16. How cool is that! Great job for coming out of retirement.... that doesn't sound right.
  17. new for 2018

    Wonder if Revell added a correct axle this go'round ? That 8 3/4 is incorrect for a Hemi (or 440) with a 4-speed . Then there's that (stupid) 4-paddle , direct-drive engine cooling fan ... The inclusion of the 'RO23' parts ( Keystone Klassics , Super Stock hood scoop , etc. , etc. ) from the Sox & Martin version will hopefully find their way into this issue .
  18. 'No Fare' - Ferrari-Powered Revell London Taxi

    Very cool. Great start.
  19. Today
  20. What Irked You Today?

    Kraft has finally managed to remove the last vestige of anything tasting even remotely like cheese from their Macaroni and Cheese. Better to call it Macaroni and Bright Yellow Cardboard Sauce. Never again. Hell...the box probably tastes better. All week I eat right. Friday night is garbage food night. Pizza, Krystal, Taco Bell, whatever. Tonight it's cold, I'm tired, thought it would be fun to have some mac and cheese, watch some old B&W TV, go to bed early. What is with idiots "improving" things that were just fine? Same old story everywhere. But how could ANYONE think this crapp tastes GOOD?
  21. AMT Mustang GT Funny Car AWB

    They probably are supposed to be Cragar G/T wheels, and the texture was exaggerated. Pactra Flat Black was pretty thick back then. Whatever they're supposed to be, they're disappointing and not just the texture -- check out the outer half of the lugs nuts floating in space.
  22. KW aerodyne wrecker finished !!

    Great looking hook Jeff!!!!!!!!
  23. My Summer work bench

    Nice projects!!!
  24. Very cool!!!! Looks awesome!!!!!
  25. Nice build Garry, look forward to seeing more. Dave B
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