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In Topic: My '29 Jalopy Ford.

Today, 12:43 PM

Incredible work!  With the right backround in the photos, I would not be able to tell it from the real thing.  Great model.

In Topic: Scary RC Christmas catalog

Today, 11:52 AM

There just aren't enough cameras in the world, now we need amateurs flying them around the neighborhood for laughs.  Maybe we'll get something cool to put on YouTube!  End rant. 

In Topic: 3D printing growing as we speak

Yesterday, 02:35 PM

Interesting that they compare their machine to one that prints twice as large in any dimension, prints higher resolution (.002" layers as compared to their .007" layers) and costs half as much.  Pretty good advertising for the other machine. ;)

I know, I thought that was strange as well?  Maybe the story writer had the specs reversed, can't believe everything you read on the internet  :lol: !

In Topic: 1937 Chevrolet 2dr "Humpback" Sedan

Yesterday, 02:25 PM

Great rendition of the 1:1, nice work!

In Topic: '70 Impala SS 454

Yesterday, 02:23 PM

I'm a sucker for Impalas and these two are top notch.  Thanks for sharing.