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1969 General Lee Stuntcar WIP

09 October 2014 - 05:39 PM

Okay, I been at this project for well since 2012. Me and my wife thought since our son loves the Dukes of Hazzard General Lee. We that at the time back in 2012 maybe he would love to have a model of a General Lee since he doesn't have any models. I asked grandma & the mrs what was his fav part and they both said he loves to watch that car do the jumps over things. He also always wondered what did the cars look like when they came down an hit the ground. He didn't know those where called the stunt cars an neither did my wife LOL. Anyways I got talking to the mrs & grandma about how the model should look and also I gave the idea of why don't I build him a model of a General Lee but of a stunt car one though and have it bang up here and there in the tail and maybe give the front a hard impact look. Like say as if the car came down at a tilt an hit the ground.

So in summer of 2012 I got a AMT General Lee model that was or had been assembled already by someone in at my local hobby shop and I easy started to remove the decals off of it by soaking the model in warm water. I have to correct the rear window area anyways. The interior tube is like a blank one. I took an scribed the driver side door seam. I wanted the model to have at least one openable door. Plus a openable trunk as well.

I knew I would have alot of correcting to do on the kit since the model lacks alot of detail. I have no issue with correcting stuff. That what makes model building that much more fun to do. I wanted a better looking engine bay and also more detailed interior tube as well. I'm working the blank out one to as that is the type I will need for this project. I'm building a roll cage out of brass for inside the model that will be base off what the real General Lee stunt cars had in them. The real stunt cars didn't have very much in the interior at all. I am redoing the "almost" whole front end of the model both chassis and shell. First I have to make the stuff look pretty then damage it. The stuff I'm doing on the 1969 Charger build I have going on here as well is also going to this build as well LOL.

My son doesn't know even though he has looked at this project that it's his. My intentions are is to get the details close to realistic as much as I can along with the weather effects as well and to make the model car look very much like a real car as I can.

I will post photos asap. I'm also open to weather effect ideas as well.