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while we're waxing nostalgic..

11 February 2014 - 04:33 PM

I'm currently working (slooowly) on a Revell R/S Camaro, making a typical '70's style street car along what a high school kid with a part time job could and would have built...


but there are no really good representations of Cragar Showpipes out there.... those big honking sidepipes with fake collectors at the front.


and, to be period-correct, it should smell of the brand-new non-toxic Testors glue (the lemony stuff) and Pactra 'namel paint!


those two fragrances kick me right back to 1975......

as another year ends...

29 December 2013 - 07:36 AM

I reflect on the several amazing new kits on the shelves, and the rebound of reissues from days gone by, and the difference in content between the two respective eras....


this hobby flourished in the late '60's into the mid '70's and suffered some pretty serious setbacks in the interval years; I often wondered if it would EVER recover as I walked through our local hobby shop in the early '90's.... de-contented kits; many simply BAD kits issued over and over; serious issues of "we don't care as long as SOMEBODY buys it" from every corner...


and then something happened. model builders started having their voices heard; manufacturers began to issue corrected kits; accurized decals; all-new tools of existing models..... sure; there were miss-steps from all of them at one time or another; but the bottom line was that WE were getting what we wanted.


so, whenever there's an urge to blast a kit or manufacturer, try to remember that they are a business and have to create a profit. remember that, once upon a time, two-piece plastic tires and just enough parts to do a stock-only model were all they put in the box....  and if we were lucky, there was a crude CB radio and antenna included, as well as a little glossary card of 10-codes.


and at least they're not a block of balsa wood and a three-view instruction sheet.