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Yesterday, 08:46 PM

soo great! so detailed interior how many hours it took you build it?

Normally takes me one month to build a kit, some have taken longer!
Thanks again for the further comments guys, means a lot!

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Yesterday, 08:43 PM

Good job!

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Yesterday, 08:41 PM

Very nice looking sleeper Tommy!

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25 November 2014 - 08:55 PM

Love it Ray!   I had a 1970 Chevy Impala in that same gold color.  Mine was a 350/350 coupe with a gold vinyl roof and interior. 
The one thing AMT did wrong on the body was that they have "Impala" two times on the sides,  on the front fender and again on the C pillar. Different models that year had it in different places.  For instance a convertible had it on the fender, while my car had it on the pillar.
The back sidelights on the 1:1 aren't chrome.  The bezel would be body color with the red lens showing through like a series of rectangles. If you pulled the BMF off them and hit them with a red Sharpie pen, you'd have it!

Thanks Tom, always good to have another set of eyes, sidelights done now!
Thanks for all your comments guys, much appreciated!