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In Topic: what is "good design"?

Today, 04:45 AM

A few years back there was a US Supreme Court Justice who was asked for his definition of pornagraphy vs. nudity in art. He replied that he didn't know how to define it, but knew it when he saw it. That's kind of how I feel good design. And sometimes it's just a little thing that can take a bad design and turn it into a good one. And vice versa.

For me the best automotive design ever is Gordon Buehrig's stunning 1936 and '37 Cord 810/812. From the first one I ever saw 45 years ago, to this day, I've been blown away by the Cord 810/812. Every line on that car is right. With one exception. I really dislike the 812 Beverlys with the bulging trunk lid. I understand the need for that trunk lid. But, to me it ruins the perfect lines of an already great design.


In Topic: What did you get today?

Today, 04:23 AM

This, my '67 Mustang GTA convertible. Out of storage and back home with its old buddy.

Very nice Mustang. '67 is still my favorite. I like the Chevy in the last photo too.


In Topic: 1973 Caprice part

Today, 04:20 AM

I'm still looking for that elusive wheel cover. Can anybody out there help?


In Topic: What Pleased You Today!

Today, 04:11 AM

Yep, it's time to slow down and smell the "roses".   :lol:

Rolling down the car windows to smell the roses around here will just get you frostbite on your nose. Well.... Okay, it's maybe not that bad right now, but nothing will be blooming around here for another month or two. Still, I had an assignment at an elementary school this week that required me to do crossing guard duty in the morning just before school started. It was chilly the there the three mornings I did it. But, still it was nice. I was only outside for 20 minutes at the most, waiting for 5 kids. No birds singing, which is a shame. But it was a nice quite way start to the day.


In Topic: Crazy drives

Yesterday, 02:04 AM