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20 October 2014 - 11:27 AM

I'm wondering, since Round 2 now owns Lindberg models, if there is any chance they have dies and could be conviced to bring back the Mini-Lindy series of cars and trucks? There are a couple I'd love see come back. I remember they offered a late 60's ChevyVan. A nice Greyhound bus. And many others. I couple still in my collection, but I'd like to add more. Hopefully with the garages that came with early versions of these kits.

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Leif Ericson Galactic Cruiser

04 September 2014 - 09:10 AM

Okay, I don't think this was a bigger seller for AMT. Back in the late 60's or now. I see the reissue, which this kit is built from, is know longer shown on Round 2's web site. It's the Leif Ericson Galactic Cruiser. Designed by Star Trek Enterprise designer Dean Jefferies. But, it's not officially part of the Star Trek universe. AMT had this idea in the late 60's of offering a series of model kits in something they called Strategic Space Command - Space Cadet Series. The idea didn't take off, and this is the only ship offered in that series.

Over all I like the design. Besides the instructions in this kit, you also get a Strategic Space Command - Space Cadet story. It is hokey. But, as a kid in the late 60's I would have loved it. There are two changes with the reissue. One is a more complete set of decals. Adding much more detail. Two, the engine in the original version of this kit lit up using old grain-o-wheat bulbs. The reissue substitutes those with LED's for more reliability. And longer lasting performance.

I built this kit about a year and a half ago. Spray painted it with Testors flat gray enamel. Then I applied the decals. To make the decals stand out less, I then with a hand brush, applied Testors Model Master Flat Clear Lacquer Finish. As the model ages, I'm not overly happy with results. As you may see the problem in the pictures.

One last thing before showing you the model. I really like the design of the little "Vega" scout ship included with this kit. I've always thought it was cool looking. I want one in real life.

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MPC Space 1999 Eagle

04 September 2014 - 08:29 AM

Not a big fan of the old TV show Space 1999. But, I always loved the ships, the moon base itself, the space suits, and other props from the series.

This is MPC's old Space 1999, Eagle 1 Transporter kit, just reissued recently. If you go searching on the web, you'll find a lot of people out there criticizing this kit. True it's a simple kit. It may not be as accurate as it could be. But, I think it looks dare good. It looks like the Eagle from the TV show to me. I follow a lot of the advice a Mr. Small gives on Round 2's web site for building the kit. Using a plain lead pencil for shading of some of the framing worked really great. It was easy to do. And helped the look of the kit immensely.

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Forbidden Planet C-57D Space Cruiser

04 September 2014 - 08:10 AM

Here we go, finished this up about a month and half ago. It's the Polar Lights Deluxe Edition kit of the C-57D Space Cruiser from the great 1956 movie, the Forbidden Planet. Staring Walter Pidgon, Anne Francis, Leslie Nielsen (in a non comedic role), and Robby the Robot. Who, along with his cousin, the Lost in Space Robot, is one of the greatest movie or TV robots of all time.

This is the "Deluxe Edition" of Polar Lights 12" kit. It includes lights and motor to make the ship's engine look as it does in action in the movie. Polar Lights also makes a bigger kit of this ship with the ships interior. The 12" versions do not include the interior. It's a very nice kit to build. I really like the way they setup the ship's doors/ramps to work. A great piece of engineering.

Here are the photos. The first from the top.

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The second, resting with the engine off.

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Resting, with engine running.

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And finally from the bottom. As she would look in flight with engine running and ramps retracted.

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Love this kit! Love the old movie. If you've never seen it, you must. It still holds up pretty well.


Archie's car

02 September 2014 - 10:15 AM

This showed up in another post.

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Didn't Aurora make a kit of Archie's car at one time? I think the kit also came with models of Archie, Veronica, and Hot Dog, besides the car. From what I rememember, I don't think Archie's car was normally this cool in the comics, or in model form, as seen on the cover above?