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Barris T Buggy chassis, sand rail?

09 July 2014 - 01:30 PM

Hi guys, it's been awhile since I was here. Builders cramp, or maybe I hit the wall. I quit my job two weeks ago, and it actually was a relief! Not the panic I might have envisioned. I probably have a bus driving job in the near future.

I won't bore you with that anymore.


The reason for writing is the chassis in the Barris T Buggy. It looks a little funny for being a buggy chassis. Not your typical buggy chassis. Two narrow square frame rails, and then a Corvair engine and huge rear suspension. The front has a dragster or hot rod type slim front axle. I found some pic on fb, and the page/link had lots of neat old pics of buggys and wild sand rails. So I got to thinking if this chassis had been used as a sand rail kit before. I have not thought about, or seen anything like it. It has four holes on the front part of the rails, where you might add some sort of floor pan. Am I out on a limb here...??