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any Jaguar XJ 6 kits made? any scale

03 March 2015 - 04:43 PM

specifically the series 1 and 2, preferably short ("standard") wheel base. Airfix must have done one...

maybe Heller? anybody?

"Golden Wheels", remember that program?

05 January 2015 - 03:55 PM

way back when MPC was under "Fundimension", a part of General Mills, they had a "savings stamp" program that let you cut proof-of-purchase logos out of the kit box and send them in for free kits....


and after MPC was absorbed into AMT, the program covered both lines, although i THINK only the MPC branded kits had the tokens on the box.


anyways; i had dozens of kit boxes stored away (nothing really collectible, thankfully) and i went through and clipped every one of those tokens out, shopped the little "catalog" for kits, and sent off a scad of tokens one summer in the early '90's....


AMT sent me six kits total for my efforts. i think i ordered their venerable '49 Ford, as it was not currently on the store shelves, and probably a couple of the excellent new '68 Road Runner kits. 


would it kill one of the kit makers to do something similar today? say, scan hobby shop reciepts showing you paid full price for kits and earn some credit against a "mail-in" kit?


pie in the sky, i know, but it was a good memory. 


BTW, the only per se "collectible" kit box i have (in my opinion, anyway) is my dusty old JoHan Petty Plymouth box. there's a Boot Hill Express stored in it.

"mystery" parts and poor instructions

24 November 2014 - 12:44 PM

i know i'm one of the many here who suffered through the "multi-lingual" and then "NO language" instruction sheet era, and wasn't aware of the treasure that disappeared from the instruction sheets when the makers could no longer call out specific names, especially BRAND names for those extra performance and custom parts in their kits.... i have a few early '60's sheets that clearly name these parts, recognition that some young builders might have caught from their older brothers or Dads...


and then, slowly, those "names" vanished for the most part, except some high visibility stuff like the Weiand parts in AMT's Nova, Offenhauser heads in the '49 Merc, replaced with lots of generic representations that you need a Summit Catalog to identify....


i'd like to see these parts properly identified for the benefit of everyone in the hobby; those of us who faintly remember them, and those of us starting out with little info to guide them.