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Book about the USRRC Series!

15 April 2014 - 02:16 AM

    My thanks to Bill, aka 65slotcar for the Heads UP.  I never thought I'd see a Book that covered the USRRC series! For those that don't know it was the SCAA's first leap into Professional Racing, and what many think as the Parent of the Can-Am series. The Book has a style simular to Friedman's Trans-Am and Lyons Can-Am Books with Event write ups and results with a yearly summary. LOTS of era Pics ,400 of 'em in just under 350 pages. It may not be the best reference ever for period builds it'll sure stir the memories. For me it filled a gap that I didn't think was going to get filled and provided more "Wow, I forgot about that" events than I'd care to admit.

    It comes in a Blue "Box" that sure helps deliver it in good shape and has an attached ribbon page marker. The Book "USRRC" by Mike Martin. attached are shots of the Box and Book Cover.






    And if you need a disclaiimer, No I am Not receiving anything for this reference.