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In Topic: MCM Forum - expert work expected?

04 November 2014 - 04:44 PM

I found this forum while going through Rocketfin, don't know if it was a link or what....but I was hooked as soon as I started snooping around!!! I come on here daily and I start at the top and work my way down...now I may not check every single post, but if it peaks my interest...I will check it out. I am blown away by a lot of the stuff I read a see, there are some very talented builders spread out through every section...my hats off to all of you!! Now if I see a bit of dust in the paint, a sloppy detail job on a undercarriage or whatever...I see it, but I sure as heck not gonna throw someone under the bus because of it!! This is stuff I notice and file away for the day I build and post, nothing against anyone...everyone is at different levels of skill, and it takes a lot of courage to put yourself out there and asked to be critiqued. The only thing I have contributed here is a story of me working at a truck plant 12 years ago...does it help build better models? I don't know...maybe the pictures I posted help someone else...and if it does that is AWESOME, I am glad I could help out in a small way.


One thing I do before I hit the post button, I read through it ONE more time.....especially if I am commenting on someone's build...this way, whatever I am trying to say will not be taken the wrong way.


And this just a hobby, we are not brain surgeons or building a piano....sit back, enjoy what grabs your attention, don't like something...oh well, not the end of the world...just don't click that link!


Build on....and stay thirsty my friends!!! 

In Topic: Maverick

13 October 2014 - 06:21 AM

LOL.....got caught up in my little story......that build looks really good.....nice color choice and stance!!!

In Topic: Maverick

13 October 2014 - 06:19 AM

My very first car was a '75 Maverick, four door, 302 with an automatic....rusty and ugly!!!  Funny story regarding that car...my old man was driving it one day when the muffler fell off, thought it was a good time to throw on some duals....so i bought a couple of Thrush mufflers, went over to my buddies shop and put it up on the ramps. Removed the rest of the exhaust with a grinder just before the two lower manifold pipes joined at the "Y", bolted on the mufflers and I was done!!! These things were basically under your feet...obnoxiously LOUD....made more than one neighbour very happy!!!  LOL!!  I was leaving Calgary with my girlfriend and had to go through a construction site...drove over a huge speed bump, scraping the mufflers, and thought everything was okay. As I hit the highway towards Cochrane, I hear the one muffler suddenly loosen and scrape along the pavement...hit my signal light and started to brake...the muffler drops and bounces under my car coming out behind me, hits the bumper of a mini van right on my back bumper and sails off into the oncoming lane!!! So my newer muffler nails a passing Corvette (84-85ish?)...striking it in the left front fender...punching a hole through the fiberglass!!! :blink: The lady driver pulls her car over and exits the vehicle...meanwhile, I am SOOOO mad.....thinking "Why could it not have hit one of the hundreds of farm trucks running around instead???!!!!". I go into the middle of the highway, reach down and grab my muffler.....which IS extremely hot....swear like a trucker/sailor and throw it at my car in anger/pain!!! I then give my car a couple of good sift kicks in the quarter panel....the lady walks up to me as I stare at the ground....and asks...."Are you okay???" Surprisingly....she was pretty cool about the whole situation, says not to worry...insurance will pay for it!!! Never did hear anything else about it....but did learn one thing.....Never, ever bolt a set of mufflers so they hand down that low and be such a pain in the you know what!!!  But hey.....I was 16......so live and learn!!!

In Topic: Welcome to Hazzard County...

30 September 2014 - 05:19 PM

........DROOL...........daisy dukes!!!! One of the greatest style of clothes out there.....right up with yoga pants!!!   Ummm.....errr.......nice start on the dio btw!!  LOL    ;)

In Topic: Western star

30 September 2014 - 05:16 PM

Nice start!!!