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In Topic: Where did all this "stupid" car safety stuff come from?

06 April 2015 - 10:52 AM

Texting and driving....I see this on a daily basis in my travels working for the city....and quite a few people yakking on their phone as well. I have many co-workers who as soon as they are able...checking their phones...one guy basically lives on FB, but we have a company policy that has a zero tolerance for cell phone use while driving...you get a free day off!!!  It is a good thing that GM now has wi-fi in all their new models....that will definately stop people from staying off their phones!!!!

In Topic: Western Star 5964 Day Cab

27 March 2015 - 05:26 PM

Lookin' good Chuck!!!!

In Topic: Custom White Western Star & 53' Reefer

27 March 2015 - 05:25 PM

Awesome build Chuck!!!  Love the color choice...seen a few run down the line with the paint jobs that reminded me of the old MOPAR High Impact paint from the '70's, but they usually had a black frames!!!! You are building some mighty fine Star's lately....keep it up!!!  :D

In Topic: Mopar Diorama

14 March 2015 - 05:50 PM

SWEET!!!  Very nice job on this.....!!!! :)

In Topic: Compressors?

30 January 2015 - 10:02 PM

Hey Micheal, check out my thread "Life on the Line"...I took some pics while working at Western Star Trucks in kelowna. I believe that there is one taken of the right side (drivers) while on engine line...it is of a C15 Cat, but could hopefully still useful for ya!