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  1. Gow job was another name used for hot rods in the earliest days
  2. Neat-o man! I love Datsun trucks in all their forms. The step bed looks good on there
  3. I remember the article where Tim built his version. Crazy to think that was 25 years ago already, where does the time go? Your version looks very nice and has held up well over the years. I enjoyed your write up on the project along with the photos. Keep up the good work
  4. The trucks went from Datsun to Nissan in the 83 model year. They made some front end changes too, bumper, valance and grille were all tweaked with . They also lost the vents on the hood for the switchover year. I'm excited to see the kit return to the fold, its simple but builds up well. I'm thinking some lift and the tires from the jeep Rubicon kit. The kits 6 lug wheels would be accurate too. The hardbody model of truck started in the 86 1/2 model year and the long bed regular cab hardbodies were dropped after 89
  5. Keep an eye on your local craigslist for deals on kits. Even kits that aren't your style can be traded off for ones that are. Try and ignore Harry as best you can, too, lol. Every forum has a "that guy" , he is ours.
  6. I always grab em for the Hemi, it swaps into the 34 pickup, all the 32 car variants, the 36 coupe and the 40 ford kits too
  7. Keep on mini truckin bro! Hope to see you back at it soon
  8. Good haul man! A couple of those would be good candidates for reissue I think
  9. The fuel tanks on Grumpys cars were painted white in an effort to reflect track heat and keep the fuel cool. Build looks good, keep it up
  10. Hobby hobby in Streetsville had a pretty decent paint rack and a small selection of car and truck models as well. They handle a lot of RC stuff too, nice people to deal with.
  11. Go for the power feed option too, money well spent
  12. You can tint your glass using black fabric dye in hot water, I use RIT brand myself. You can use the different colours to get different looks too
  13. Another interesting Pacer fact is that they were the first car to be built without the traditional rain gutters that other cars of the era had. They used the weather stripping for the doors to drain water away rather than traditional rain rails. This gave the car a sleeker look and most importantly improved aerodynamics in wind tunnel testing leading to improved fuel mileage. The hidden gutter idea is still used on many cars to this day
  14. Given Chi towns very unfortunate record high murder rate isn't the whole slogan a bit of a moot point anyways?
  15. I'm always excited when I see a new one of your history threads posted, excellent read as always
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