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  1. Wow!! Most detailed Porsche engine I've ever seen, it's awesome!!!
  2. I painted the wheels Alclad gold and i shot i light coat of Alclad chrome, very subtle to give them a shiny look!!
  3. Thank's for the kind comments everyone!
  4. Wow! it's already looking really good, your dash gauges are awesome. What did you use for those lenses? epoxy? And are the tires made from rubber on this kit?
  5. Thank 's for the comments! It's been a lot of fun to build this beautiful kit from Moebius. No polishing for that Krylon paint, it nailed the commercial look just perfect,and i'm experiencing weathering more and more with these builds! It's my first for 2020..
  6. Here's a pickup i built to replicate one of the company's vehicle i'm working for, it's an Hydro-Québec's light duty truck from 1965. Because 1965 was the last year with these logos. It's been painted the correct gray with Krylon paint, and i did some weathering to represent a few months old truck that have visited a few construction sites. It's box stock except for the helmet on the dash.
  7. It's been a while since my last post! I had completed this Buick three weeks ago, it's an original Monogram kit with Powerslide decals. It's an out of the box build, i had a lot of fun doin' it! It's a replica of the first model i built myself in the early 80's, you can see the original model besides it on the first picture!!
  8. Really Nice! those PPP wheels and tires make all the difference! Nice work!
  9. What an amazing work, so clean, and the paint work is awesome!! Wow!!
  10. Very nice looking Chevelle, awesome build!
  11. Yes the 1961-1963 Ford Unibody pick up with the large rear window!! And Vans of this era as well, a missing link in models also!!
  12. I still have an unbuilt in my stash, but i'll be willing to by a reissue as well! Nicely detailed kit!
  13. Wow! I will buy it for sure, along with the Bandag Bandit !!!
  14. Wow! Awesome work, i like the front fenders mods, the relocation of the wheels opening made that truck look really good!
  15. Your Challenger is beautiful! Not often seen as this trim as a model, very nice hubcaps. Perfectly detailed overall, i like it!!!
  16. Sorry i can't take pictures for the moment because i'm moving out and the kit has been packed immediately after the tires pics...
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