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  1. Engine is in and the chassis is done. The transmission mounts didn't work for me. I thought I had them glued in the right place and I had the engine in place but the transmisson mounts held the transmission too high and the driveshaft wouldn't go through the tunnel. So I removed the mounts and used a piece of .015" strip plastic across the chassis mounts and glued to the bottom of the transmission (photo is a little blurry). Other than that and the fact that each pin had to be trimmed and each receiving hole needed to be enlarged, it was an easy assembly! Thanks for looking! 😎
  2. Thanks, Mike, Carl, and Steve! I appreciate your comments! Steve, I only did the insert in matte aluminum BMF. The trim around the insert is chrome BMF. I'm not sure what you mean by a seam. But I did cut the aluminum foil along the inside of the chrome trim before finishing with the chrome foil. Finished the engine. Somehow I managed to lose the fan belt. I remember I was thinning it down when I was interrupted one day. When I got back to the bench I pushed it aside and worked on something else. And it was never to be seen again! But I used one from a Revell Sedan kit and although it doesn't fit exactly, I made it work. I used a MAD pre-wired distributor and cut off the coil molded to the distributor in the kit and used it. Thanks for looking! 😎
  3. Thanks, MrMIke! I appreciate your comment! Finished foil on the left side and window trim. Used matte aluminum foil for the rear fender insert. I'll add the gold scripts, lettering and front fender emblets once assembled. Still one of the most beautifully trimmed cars ever manufactured, IMO.
  4. Thanks, Mike, Carl and Guido! I appreciate your comments! Mike, although it might look alright from a photo, both pillars had lumps, gouges, and scratches from trying to scrape out the bleed-though in an area that was tough to clean up. And it would show through the foil. So I thought the next best thing to do since the body was already painted, was just to add a plastic piece to cover the errors. I think it worked but there are a couple of rough spots. I've finished the painting adding a coat of clear to the top blending in the trunk by painting the rear with the trunk in place. I've rubbed out the paint and finished the filler plate in the B pillar. Now its time for more foil! Thanks for looking! 😎
  5. Thanks, Tom! I appreciate your comment! Got some paint on it yesterday. Looks pretty good but my paint bleed-through on the top and my subsequent clean-up didn't quite work on the B pillars. So I cut a piece of thin sheet plastic to add to the B pillars. It not only helps cover the error but it is more correct as there is a stainless plate that covers the B pillar on the 1:1. So I am going to sand this out to get the edges smooth and then foil it and see what it looks like. Thanks for looking! 😎
  6. Thanks, Bill and Carl! I appreciate your comments! Carl, the center of the dash is painted with Testors metalizer Aluminum with a brush. Its one of their best paints as it is thinned for airbrush but can be painted with a brush and because it is so thin it doesn't mat up or show brush strokes. Unfortunately, Testors has stopped producing the whole Modelmaster line so I'll have to find something else once this last bottle is gone. Here are a few photos of some progress and regress (a few tape issues). I sanded out the tape bleed-throughs on the body and touched up the seats and door panels. Finally, one door panel is done and it foils very nicely. I only need to add a touch of black to the knobs on the window cranks. Thanks for looking! Just a little more touch-up and some foil and the seats will be done.
  7. Thanks, Mike, Bob, and Carl! I appreciate your comments! Still rainy and cold so not much progress. I did manage to get the dash and a few other small parts painted yesterday so I've been working on the dash and taping off the door panels. This is about as good as I can do on the dash without decals. Thanks for looking!
  8. Very nice looking El Camino, Dominik! The paint finish looks very nice. Is that a gloss black or another color like a dark gunmetal?
  9. Thanks, Carl, David, and Mike! I appreciate your comments! 😎
  10. Thanks, Mike and Sonny! I appreciate your comments! I painted a the platforms/seat folding mechanisms for the front seat to see what the Tamiya metallic orange would like like compared to MCW Sierra Gold that I painted a 57 Nomad. Looks like a pretty good match! The Nomad is also one of my favorite built models. This hardtop will be its sister. Same colors inside and out.
  11. Thanks, Guido, Dominik, and Sonny! I appreciated your comments! Sorry, my memory is slipping again, I meant "Pro Shop" series. Sonny, I have already built a replica of my 1:1 so this one will be different. Here are a few pics of that 1:1 replica. In addition, the front grill, light bar and bumper somehow fell off one of my previous builds. Although the bumper won't fit, the grill and light bar should work on this build. Dominik, I guess I am lucky that I rebuilt the 1:1 years ago with the help of a Classic Car shop that let me work on certain things on Saturdays for about 3 years while they did the skilled work. Costs would probably be prohibitive nowadays.The hardest part now is keeping it running. These old cars really don't like corn in the gas. Thanks for looking! 😎
  12. I can't go too long without building a tri-five Chevy! This one is the AMT kit that is also known as the "Pro Modeler" series although it doesn't say so on the box. I've built it before and I like this kit because of all the detail and the body proportions seem right to me. In addition, my 1:1 is sitting in the garage so I can always use that for reference. The drawbacks for the body are that the scripts are too thin and small, the tulip and rear quarters near the fender spears have some sink marks caused by the trunk hinging and trunk sides of the opening trunk. In addition, the fender spears aren't rising to the rear but that's a small point. When I bought it at a contest and vendor show the owner let me know that it was missing the PE. So I have ordered some PE for it. I have removed the scripts on the body and I am in process for filling and sanding out the sinks. Not much I can do today other that prepping parts as it is rainy and cold. I saw another tri-five on this forum painted Tamiya Metallic Orange which looked surprisingly like Sierra Gold. I plan on doing the same, Ivory or beige top with an Ivory or beige and black interior. Thanks for looking and Happy Thanksgiving!
  13. Thanks, All! I appreciate all of your comments! I just realized that I forgot to add heater hoses. I did order some seat belt buckles, so maybe when I get them I'll add both the seat belts and heater hoses. But for now, its done! 😎
  14. Paint and engine look great, MrMike! Maybe the front whitewalls will look OK once perpendicular. I don't think I would do anything to the rears as they look good and a little black between the whitewall and the wheel will be OK, IMO.😎 👍
  15. Its finished! Its not perfect but turned out pretty well. Pieced together from the convertible and hardtop kits. Kit decals were not good and its missing a couple of pieces, for example, the wiper motor but all in all turned out OK. Painted with Tamiya Light Blue Metallic outside and parts of interior, Krylon Satin Ivory and Satin Brown Boots for wood.
  16. And its done. I added some foil under the red decal for the hood. The HEMI decal for the hood didn't make it as it didn't register. Decals in this kit are awful and I wouldn't think of trying the black hood decal as it is not cut for the hood opening and as bad as these decals are I am not going to attempt it once the decal is on and dry. Marker lamps are painted and I added a Keith Marks to the back. The Plymouth script on the hood was foiled under the paint and then revealed with some lacquer thinner. It looks like there are some letters there, although it is not very readable. The hood was use before on the hardtop and so paint has been removed prior to this painting and it may have affected the process. I also drilled out the plastic headlights and replaced them with lenses from the 69 Olds 442. Looks better but not perfect. Anyway, its built and out of the closet! Thanks for looking!
  17. Thanks, All! I appreciate your comments! Here's what I did to make the wheel tracking look a little better. The rear wheels are worse than the front so I pushed the chassis too the left side (right side in the photo from underneath) and then added a length of axle to the right side since that was the wheel that was broken off from the hardtop build. This was a shortcut I used instead of doing it to both sides. But it looks better to me than before. I also completed the engine bay. I don't have a windshield wiper motor but if I find one I'll add it later. I found a couple of Keith Marks decals, one is on the air cleaner.
  18. Thanks, Dan! I appreciate the comment! Its on wheels but I am a little disappointed. The wheels are too far inside the wheel well for me. Either the body is so slab-sided or the body is too big for the chassis that was built for the hardtop. I elongated the axle on the back wheels a bit but didn't want to tear the front suspension apart. I'll just have to live with it at this point. I'll finish up the engine compartment and then final hardware and decals and it will be done.
  19. Thanks, Keith, Stephen, Carl, and Ken! I appreciate your comments. I've finished the foil after rubbing it out a bit and attacked the window glass. Unfortunately, I cut off a corner of the right wing or vent window when I removed a remnant of the clear sprue that was left on the windshield. I tried to install it anyway, and of course, it didn't fit well. when the windshield was pushed in tight the vent or wing window glass didn't reach. So I cut the vents off of each side and replaced with clear agitate. I painted the inside of the vent windows with aluminum paint as I the chrome wouldn't stick to the rough surface that I didn't paint or clear. It was just oversprayed. The windshield installed better after I had installed the vent windows with a little bit of gentle persuasion. Now, everything is tight and looks much better than the original glass with vents. Thanks for looking!
  20. Thanks, Bill, Dan and Mike! I appreciate your comments! I've been away from the workbench for a couple of days but managed to get the interior done this morning. I may buy some seat belt buckles and add some seat belts but this will do for now. Moving on to the body, chassis and engine. Thanks for looking! 😎
  21. Nice find, Mr. Mike! I bought two during the first run of these. Built one and still have one in the wrapper. Nice to know I can buy another. it builds up nicely and I am sure you will enjoy building it! 😎
  22. Ok, I changed the color of the carpet area and have the console and right door foiled. I realize that the door panel pattern is not correct but the mold maker must have run out of time and didn't finish the chrome separations correctly. So I just squared off the painted wood and added some .020" rod as borders and foiled the rod. The dash was done with chrome foil, then blackwashed and red indicators were added with paint. Still have to finish the left door and steering wheel. Thanks for looking! 😎
  23. I have the interior mocked up and I am not sure about the black. I think I'll at least change the carpeting area to blue and either leave the door panel black at the bottom or change it to blue also. Of course, the transmission hump on the left side of the console also causes an issue with the left front seat placement so I'll have to notch that a bit. No decals for the dash so I'll have to figure out something. Thanks for looking! 😎
  24. Thanks, all! I appreciate the comments! Yes, I am going with the stock wheels, Keystones, I think and white letter Goodyears. I used some parts from this kit for another build but I had another GTX hardtop that I also borrowed the interior from for another build. I have the front and rear suspension from the hardtop. I wasn't too pleased with the Testors GTS blue paint job on this hardtop and it got too close to something and lost some paint in the process. I think I am only missing the rear shocks which I could probably find in the parts box and the wiper motor. But as the instructions indicate, I can just use a horn in place of the wiper motor, LOL! Thanks for looking! 😎
  25. I am starting a new build, an AMT 1969 Plymouth GTX Convertible. Managed to get the body painted and some of the other parts. Body is Tamiya Light Blue Metallic and the interior will be Ivory, black, and dash and steering wheel will be body color. I just noticed that the body has a light or cloudy spot on the left side door jam. May have to five it a light coat of paint and clear in that spot. Thanks for looking!
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