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  1. Thanks, Mike. I really wanted to make this car look driven but not abused, as if maybe a feller might have purchased it and put a paint job and some other stuff to make it look nice without having it fully restored.
  2. I think I may go with PE wipers, if I can find a set local.
  3. I tried Model Master clear and it made so many fish eyes and just blobbed up everywhere.
  4. This is incredible! Looks like a streeted modified dirt-oval car. I love it!
  5. So I started yet another project. Was going to be box stock for The MCMA 2018 Showdown, but health and finance prevented me from going. Since that was the case, a full detail build was in order with only VERY limited modifications and mainly just detailing. I painted this with Model Master Arctic Blue Acrylic. It sprayed through my airbrush with absolutely no issue. Then the clear coat ate my lunch, so into the purple pond she went-a-swimmin'. I think I will be going with a Sinful Colors "Let's Talk" pearl blue this time so I can use lacquer clear. The interior is relatively box stock. I modified the gauges to be deeper into the dash and to have a lens. It didn't turn out as good as I had hoped, but I think it looks better than the stock offering. I weathered the chassis and Engine to resemble something that is driven often as opposed to a trailer queen. I used light gray primer, acrylic washes (made with thinned out paint), airbrush work to get some grime stains, and a very steady hand to paint the molded in hoses, lines and details. The Engine and Transmission are also detailed with acrylic washes also I have added ignition wire, turbo oil feed line, brake booster hose, and will be adding more harnesses and air conditioning system. I was also very unhappy with the chrome turn signals up front, so I made a mold and cast some clear lenses. I added material to the back of the lenses to resemble the buckets of the real car, instead of just plain lenses with nothing behind them. My first rendering of the clear lens came out great, but I new I could make it better. The second image of the lenses I am comparing the original part to my first rendering of clear lenses that have been detailed. Stay tuned. This will, hopefully, be pretty quick, as long as the paint cooperates
  6. OMG! This is the best build thread ever! I absolutely love the kit bashing! The yellow pickup looks as if it could be a hot wheels car! The only two things I would have changed would be lower the rear suspension height just a little and smooth the tailgate. But WOW what good looking builds!
  7. I love what you are doing here! Can't wait to see it in primer. I'd like to see that "Dream Truck" some time too.
  8. http://www.speedhunters.com/2008/11/retrospective_gt_gt_nissan_super_silhouette_racers/
  9. I think this would have been in a silhouette class in the JHTC, or as a repurposed car for time attack. Infact I just googled jgtc r30 and this car showed up in the first image. JGTC stands for Japanese Grand Touring Car
  10. You really want to make a head turner, do something like a v6 from the Grand National, but twin turbo and supercharged. But that would be a plumbing nightmare. Maybe a Nissan GTR 3.8 twin turbo. You really want to win the odd ball engine award, a 4BT Cummins with a gigantic turbo. I understand completely, working with what's on hand. I don't know what you have on hand.
  11. So much excellent work. I do love me a good custom F100. Craftsman looks very nice. I don't think the mustang front fits the rest of the truck very well, but I can't say you're doing a bad job. Carry on, sir. I'll love to see this finished.
  12. This model is so pleasantly surprising in that the box art and the box build is so bad that it doesn't show how great a kit it really is! I thought it was one of these poorly detailed kits with poor fitment and all that, but is actually as good as a Hasegawa, Fujimi or Aoshima, or even better. AMT did this rather frequently, much to their own loss. Some of their kits from the 1990s could compare to the Tamiya and other "high end" Japanese kits of the time.
  13. I've NEVER had an IMC kit that fit well. I don't know off the top of my head if there is a newer 48 Ford coupe available, but I would certainly look for one. Conversely, IMC kits, with a lot of work, can be built up to some really nice models.
  14. The body went into the purple pond and now with the temporary loss of use of my right arm from shoulder surgery, it's going to be a hot minute before any more progress happens with anything. But there will be a surprise, hopefully before the first weekend of March.
  15. I too remember it! I think I may still have the Hot Rod magazines it was in. I remember they had a bottle of cheese wiz with a hose hanging from the hood like an I.V. and the hose just kind of disappeared into the engine somewhere. This is a cool build. I can't wait to see what too with it!
  16. I think it will be for a good reason that I had to strip it. I think I will build a better hood, some aero mirrors, and a better wing. Plus the paint just wasn't very shiny.
  17. Bad news. I tried to fix a spot on the hood so I masked off the rest of the car and fixed the spot and the hood looked perfect! Then this: So to the purple pond it went. The body work held up all except for some very small touch up spots. Devistating crisis averted. New paint job to happen in the near future...with something more durable than acrylic paint.
  18. OMG, you're right. That thing is so ugly I just couldn't see GM letting it get produced. Lol. I really did think it was a Dodge!
  19. This one is a Dodge offering. Definitely wasn't a good looking van, at least not with that nose. *Barf*!
  20. It's been a while back, but I remember someone, I think it was the late Blaire Pletcher, that built a ramp truck/car hauler using the Opel Blitz as the cab, I think it was a 59 Cadillac for the bed sides and a truck load of talent. I'd sure like to find that build again. It was very inspiring.
  21. That is GORGEOUS! I freaking love it! Some reason the Freight launcher day cabs are required, in my eyes, to be painted green. Maybe because that's what Burlington Northern and CF used and they are both close to where I grew up.
  22. Very nice! I just saw this engine kit recently. NOw I am going to have to get it! Good thing I put my Rabbit back into the box, I guess.
  23. I agree with you on the alumilite. The stuff is awful. As for casting the engine, I had intended to do exactly that. I'd love to offer a decent replica SR20DET.
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