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  1. Gran Turismo Sport has an even better photo mode...
  2. Anyone remember the '68 Roadrunner fiasco from a few years ago? AMT packaged a bone stock Roadrunner in the Pro Street labeled boxes....luckily my Hobbytown owner knew this and I didn't waste my time or money on it.
  3. I tried making this one look like it was built in the 50's or 60's....hope I did it right...still need to black wash the grill.
  4. Ah ok. AMT. Threw me off when you said Revell was sending you parts lol.
  5. Thanks guys. I used Minwax polyurethane clear over One Coat Laquer....
  6. Ooops, just noticed one headlight is sideways haha
  7. Just finished my '49 Merc custom. Basically box stock except I lowered the stance and added "fuzzy dice" to the mirror and a frenched antenna. Enjoy.
  8. I remember the articles from Hot Rod as well. I always thought it was odd that he would allow them to dump Cheez Whiz on the car for a photo lol
  9. Hello, I stumbled across your police car thread and saw Big Sky country on your profile. Whereabouts? I'm from Malta originally, now living in the south. I visited my ailing father in Great Falls in November. Take care!

  10. Duplicolor Garnet red I believe.
  11. Looks great.....Great minds think alike!
  12. Thanks guys. All good points. Since the wheels and tires aren't permanently mounted I will be checking sizes and stances to see if I can come up with something better.
  13. OK, I am an Admin in one of the groups and haven't seen that yet, but there are phonies everywhere lol
  14. Hey guys, haven't posted in awhile due to life (and death) getting in the way. Finally out of the slump I was in and completed this one. Turned out ok. Box stock except I filled in the gas filler, antenna, and hood ornament holes and used Foose wheels and tires. They are not permanently affixed as I don't know if I like them or not. Enjoy. Also need to figure out the air cleaner situation lol.
  15. No problem. Are you a member of any model building groups on Facebook? Tons of knowledge and great folks in most of them lol
  16. Is the car painted, or did you polish the plastic?
  17. Finally got this one finished. Box stock except FD100 wheels and tires, and lowered it. Color is Purpliscous and the top is Sand. Windshield frame and top were warped pretty bad, and rear window frame was cracked out of the box. The way they pack the body on the side of the box is odd. Anyway, I did the best I could with it. Enjoy...
  18. Here are some interior shots...
  19. All valid points. The entire windshield frame is bowed. The body is packed against the side of the box. The back window frame was also cracked. I will post an interior shot in a little bit.
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