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  1. GlueTube added a post in a topic thought you guys would like this   


  2. GlueTube added a post in a topic Lester's Towing   

    Luv the ground work!

  3. GlueTube added a post in a topic 1964 African Safari Comet   

    I can't add anymore to what the others have offered other than great job on great and unusual subject matter! It cries out for a simple diorma base.

    Brian Kroon
  4. GlueTube added a post in a topic Review Renaissance BMW M1 Trans kit for Revell   

    Thats exactly my plan , JB.

    Im not pissed, but extremely disappointed.

    Brian Kroon
  5. GlueTube added a post in a topic Review Renaissance BMW M1 Trans kit for Revell   

    Yes its almost as though they farm it out like some sewing factories farm out jobs to to home sewers. The quality was all over the map in just one transkit!

    Brian Kroon
  6. GlueTube added a post in a topic 3d printed LS engine block   

    Thanks Doug, I am not aware of Blender. I have been struggling trying to learn Draftsight.

  7. GlueTube added a post in a topic 3d printed LS engine block   

    Hey Doug,

    How long did it take you to create the the file?

  8. GlueTube added a post in a topic Strada Sports   

    My experirence with Stada has been all good, for several years now. Never been charged for a product that did not ship. Although as another gent mentioned there are alot of good "canned" shopping carts out there and I wish Strada would upgrade, as theirs is now outdated.

    Brian Kroon
  9. GlueTube added a topic in Car Aftermarket / Resin   

    Review Renaissance BMW M1 Trans kit for Revell
    With the re-release of the Revell Esci BMW M1 Pro Car kit, I thought it would be a great idea to break out a couple of the kits I had been sitting on for a few years and build them. The plan is to build the Lauda M1 Pro Car and the Group 4 spec M1 as driven by Stuck et al at Le Mans. Both cars are in Marlboro livery. The cars will be displayed side by side to show the subtle differences in specification.

    Besides the Day Glow Orange and White paint jobs would liven up the display shelf!
    The Pro Car spec version is good from the Revell box, requiring very little in the way of extra detail massage. The Group 4 spec car on the other hand has many extra, but very subtle details.

    French aftermarket supplier, Renaissance, offers a trans kit that fits the bill!

    I attempted to order direct from Renaissance, but due to language issues I was unable to find my way, even with Google translator on, through their website.

    I found the kit # Tk 24/333 available from Spot Model of Spain.

    As an aside to the review, Spot Model is an absolute joy to deal with. Delivery was on time, complete and professionally packaged. I recommend them highly…….other after market dealers can learn a lot from Spot Model.

    The kit arrived just before Christmas and was examined with enthusiasm as I was anxious to get rolling with the next build.
    The kit contains appropriate decals with good registration, when compared to similar decals from Studio 27 (for the Pro Car spec build) the Renaissance decals Day Glow Orange impressions appeared slightly washed out. This is not a complaint, as they are extremely usable, but it is an observation, made by direct side by side comparison. All other colors matched the Studio 27 decals.

    The kit includes an exquisite machined brass air hose coupler, of the type used to activate air jacks. It is so tiny I just about missed it when I dumped the parts out of the tiny zip closed bag! Other machined metal parts include two, fuel dry brakes, of aluminum. Included with the machined dry brakes, are two resin cast sleeves into which the dry brakes will reside when installed on the car. The resin castings are well defined and feature recessed screws molded into the lip!

    Two rear fender flares are also provided with the trans kit and while they did not fit the quarter panels of either of my two Revell kits perfectly, they are acceptable and will work some sanding and filler.

    The bonnet (hood) is a great disappointment. Sad actually, especially when it comes from an old and respected caster. Large pinholes permeate the poorly cast louvers. Pin holes of this size are rare these days, especially with pressure chamber resin casting. I am amazed that this component got out of the factory. But pinholes are not the only bug a boo on this piece. The beading around the louvers is not even symmetrical! It is fat and flat on the RH side yet crisp and properly defined on the LH side. Reverse beading is uneven as is the leading edge beading. It is my belief the master was slipshod in its execution and its casting was done without care.

    Fortunately on my build the color scheme will hide a lot of the imperfections (after I rework it) but in my view a part that is in such a focal point as the hood, should be nearly perfect in its design and production execution.

    How would I rate this trans kit from Renaissance?

    2.5 Glue Tubes out of a possible 5.

    A shame really as their portfolio includes some desirable subject matter. I must think twice about dropping major bucks on a complete kit from Renaissance, especially after what I have received in what should be a very basic trans kit.

    Regards Brian Kroon

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  10. GlueTube added a post in a topic 1965 Dodge Dio "A Moment in time "   

    Great work! Very realistic. Seen a bit of snow in my day.....

    Brian Kroon
  11. GlueTube added a post in a topic Stuck in the mud   

    As a Jeeper and a modeler.......well done Sir!

    Brian Kroon
  12. GlueTube added a post in a topic Le Mans 1971Porsche 917 Final Fotos   

    You know your figures Zarana-X. I hope someday we 1/24 car diorama builders wil have a fraction of the figures to choose from that are 1/35 scale armor colleagues do.

  13. GlueTube added a post in a topic Le Mans 1971Porsche 917 Final Fotos   

    Thanks Rok. I am not a an armor modeler but read Verlinden's diorama books for guidance.

  14. GlueTube added a post in a topic LA Alley for gangster take down by Cops etc   

    The talent in all catgories in this forum never ceases to amaze me. Great work!

    Brian Kroon
  15. GlueTube added a post in a topic Le Mans 1971Porsche 917 Final Fotos   

    Thanks for noticing Belugawrx, race tracks by nature are dirty and about the only thing shiny are the cars at the start. Flat paint, in my view is the only way to go for figure clothing. Unless you are wearing sequins or satin (trophy queens ) at the race track, dull and dusty is the way to go.