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  1. Thanks to all! I actually bought the Dart kit off eBay just for the Landy figure to put him with the cars,and it was NOT in the kit!!! I was not happy!
  2. Just wanted to post some pics of the Landy cars I did. Thanks for looking
  3. dragmodels44

    Opel GT

    Now that is cool!
  4. Thanks! I had to wing it with the decals, piecing it together from other decals and I know its not technically correct, but it’ll look good on the shelf!
  5. Here’s a few pics of the Landy Super Bee body I finished yesterday. I don’t mind saying I’m glad that one’s done! It gave me problems from start to finish. It came out ok.Heres the Challenger that’s coming along.
  6. Awesome color ,great job
  7. Great job on an iconic hot rod!
  8. First, I wanted to say thanks for the chiming in with tips and help. Here’s an update of the challenger mocked up using the old johan S&M cuda.
  9. Beautiful. I love the hi impact colors
  10. Thanks, and also for the tip. I just got notification that my super bee hood is on the way, so I’ll be doing the Landy Super Bee.
  11. Those are killer! A dash for the 71 resin challenger 1/25, so the amt dash would work. I’m guessing the 70/71 kit dashes are the same. If you do have an extra, would you also have an extra front/rear glass?
  12. Thanks! I’m getting some work done on the challenger. Ive been searching for a dash and I hate to buy an entire challenger kit jut for that!
  13. Thanks guys. The 64 is from the Slixx decal sheet, but I don’t think they offer it, or any of his now. I’m going to have to wing it for the Super Bee
  14. Hey Guys, I wanted to post some pics of the 2 Landy cars I finished and the body of the Landy Challenger. I want to do the Super Bee to go with the Charger and I ordered a Harts Parts resin Super Bee twin scoop hood. ( Anyone ever order from them ?) These were relatively quick builds and they came out decent. The Challenger and Super Bee will add nicely to them. Thanks for looking.
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