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  1. Ah yes, on the side of the outer. Thought it was the inner box. I see you painted the nose like it should have been. How'd it turn out? So far that is the detail I'm least looking forward to!
  2. @cobraman That's how the hood is in the picture of the car and Arnie on the side of the inner box. There's only that picture and a couple others that I could find for reference so far. I just picked this one up and I'll get another because the custom version looks great. Great job, John. Looks killer.
  3. How many turns of the ship's wheel did it take to parrelel park?!? I like your color choices, Steve. Bet it will look stunning in the sun when it's polished.
  4. I like it. The weathering works imo. Back then trails and "roads" had to be tough on wheels, undercarriage and exposed driveline parts. That and I own a couple good-looking cars with a crusty underbody (WI). It's nice to see one that isn't black too.
  5. While looking at all the great work that's posted on the forum I don't get anything done! Lol
  6. I really like that interior and vinyl top. It looks great. Can't wait to see it together
  7. Cool concept and good work. The 'Busa swapped Smarts are fun to watch on ViewTube.
  8. Slow but steady wins the race? good work so far. I watched a few Blue Impulse videos too. Cool stuff.
  9. Thanks, Andy. Thanks for the tips too. It's been a tough interior for me to brush paint. After some touch up it looks a bit better. I'll probably do some orange floor mats. Andrew, I use the dropper(s) for paint. I try to keep the brushes out of the bottles to keep any dried paint or dust/debris out which could cause problems for the airbrushes furthering my frustrations! lol Touched up the interior and did a little detailing. Fairly happy with how it came out all things considered. Painted the intake aluminum and added some chrome bolts to everything including the rows of rivets or whatev
  10. I'm somewhat speechless.. I hope there's build threads for these.. Killer build!
  11. Nice build. The coloring on the pipes looks really good!
  12. Nice interior, tails and paint. Good work.
  13. You're well past acceptable. Very nice workmanship.
  14. Superb! I enjoyed the build too. More please!
  15. Got a start on the interior accents. Lots of touch up left.
  16. Not to be a drag.. But are you aware of how these products are harmful to your health, Cody? I'm just unaware of your experience/age and I'd hate to see some kid playing in brake fluid, or anyone for that matter...
  17. After much fussing and fighting with the airbrush I have a couple coats of orange on the body and the headers plus interior and firewall painted flat white. I think I'll do the entire bay white and the wheel wells too. To get the orange accents of the interior painted I'll need to prime those in grey first to match the exterior orange or else I'll end up with a fluorescent interior. I'm excited to see if it turns out. Bmf is coming in time so I'll give it a whirl. I tried for quite awhile to get decent pictures but orange seems to be impossible for my phone's cam to capture correctly.
  18. Not to shabby! It's definitely an improvement!
  19. Picked up some primer and got to it. I've decided to make a creamcicle. I have a Wicked colors orange that looks pretty hot. Interior will be white with orange accents if I can make it happen. Since everything is molded into the chassis I'm going to leave it all black without much detail. I had bigger plans for this kit before I really looked at the parts! I'm sticking with detailing under the hood though. Coil, dipstick, master cylinder, fuel lines, plug/coil wires.. I really want the practice even if this kit want the best choice for my skill level. Unfortunately Idk what's going on with my
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