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  1. Disability claims are rampant lately.
  2. Accomplishment can be measured in many ways depending on the path down which one is lead.
  3. Happen to believe that all kits are basically raw material.
  4. Personnel originated from a 12th century French word for people.
  5. Favorite flavor of ice cream is strawberry.
  6. Possible that your shared smile will be returned to you.
  7. Play based on word games can be challenging.
  8. Still too tall .Google the "Woodruff Special" for the real Low Down.
  9. Bill will always follow the purchase so be sure you enough money to pay up at months end.
  10. Living lives that can be good examples to others should be lives admirably lived.
  11. Kid times for me was the decade of the nine teen fourties.
  12. Web information should be considered questionable especially when medical decisions are being made based on the results you find.
  13. Children are our future so please teach them with care and common sense.
  14. Network of experts needed to understand previous post.
  15. To be sure we are ready for whatever comes next, hope for the best and plan for worst.
  16. Worse things can sometimes be close at hand but we should not waste any precious times worrying where or when they may come upon us.
  17. Ed saw "Devotion" this past week and found it very interesting. Aircraft fans will certainly enjoy seeing the Navy fighter planes used in the creation of this movie. Highly recommend by us. Some cool period cars are seen as well.
  18. IRS could an acronym for "I remember somethings".
  19. 1990 seems like yesterday in many ways however in actuality was 32 years ago.
  20. Hearing what the rebleaters are saying is a personal choice,another choice is the channel selection button or the power off one.
  21. Wires in modern engine bays are very confusing.
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