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  1. Welcome aboard. All the inspiration and answers are right here and available to everyone willing to look.
  2. There's a whole bunch of room to add more stuff to this truck's load. IMHO I'd add more small things rather than huge truck tires to fill in(out?)those open side boards.looks like a fun build when you can say " let's see how far we can take this".
  3. PM me your mailing address please.
  4. Very complicated and ambitious project. All that race tech is Way above my pay grade.
  5. Correct. I intend to include the words "station wagon" in my initial post. Sorry 'bout that. That is exactly what I'm looking for. I also found out that there are packets of Suavicito stickers available on the interweb. Anyone got some laying around that you don't know what to do with?
  6. Nope. Those are Interior visors that you move around to keep the the sun out of your eyes. I need the permanently mounted exterior visors made from steel that were popular accessories in the '40's and '50's. I'm glad you posted the photo to be sure.
  7. That's the logo I'm looking for. I am planning on using them on sides on a patind Disco bread sled that runs a sun visor.
  8. Have stuff to trade of course.
  9. Planning some projects and gathering some parts. I need some of the sun visors from the Reveal '49 Mercury kit and someone to proudly some custom decals for a popular hair palmade called Swavecito(sp?). Have stuff to trade of course.
  10. Nice salty project. I've looked at this same kit with a similar end result in mind.
  11. Isn't it amazing that so many comment about the image issues but almost nothing about the Herculean nine year build time or the incredible realism of the finished model. Masterful work.
  12. A brand new battery will last about 3.5 to 4 hours. After a couple years use that same battery will drop by about one hour. With the in- car charging device that is included with the purchase we start recharging part way to our destination so the battery is at 100% charge when we arrive. I recommend you do two things if you decide to buy this system, first opt for the lifetime warranty and buy at least one spare battery. We always carry a spare wherever we go. Good luck with whatever you decide to do.
  13. Yesterday I spotted a really slick '33 Willow coupe coming through an intersection. It was riding high gassed style a sporting a blower through the hood. Car show ready and sounding sweet.
  14. Actually one of the girls in my class in high school drove a brand new '59 Edsel to school some times and it was maybe too different for my blue bowtie tastes. Her dad worked for an area Ford dealer. In the this period only the "rich" kids ever drove to school. We all rode the school bus. Those years I personality the Chevy designs. No glaring or malicious intent in my statement was intended.
  15. Very cleanly done. Thanks for sharing.
  16. Great project, a model to truly be proud of.
  17. For those that don't know that dollar(like all American paper money) is 6" long.
  18. My intended grille inversion would be on the Plymouth. The Edsel's grille was and still is IMO butt ugly.
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